Ancient Coinage of Argolis, Troezen

Troezen (Troizen, Trizina) is the legendary birthplace of Theseus, King of Athens and slayer of the Minotaur. The town's ruins, about 8 km west of Galatas, are well protected from modern bulldozers. It is somewhat off the beaten track and a visit to the (free entry) archaeological site is recommended.

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BCD 1338Troezen, Argolis. Late 4th. Century BC. AE Chalkous 1.98 gm. Helmeted head of Athena left / TΡOZ, Ornate trident head. BCD 1338.TextImage
BCD 1341Commodus, AE21 of Troezen, Argolis. 177-192 AD. 2 Assaria. 9.61 g. M AYΡ ..KOMOΔOC CEB, Laureate head right / TΡOIZHNIΩN, Hippolytus standing facing, head left, holding sceptre. BCD Peloponnesus 1341.2 (this coin).TextImage
BCD 1341-3Commodus, AE21 of Troezen, Argolis. 177-192 AD. 2 Assaria. 7.49 g. M AYΡ ..KOMOΔOC.., Laureate head right / TΡOIZHNIΩN, Theseus standing right, raising the boulder at Troezen in search of the sword of his father Aegeus. BCD Peloponnesus 1341.3; Borrell in NC 1844, 3.TextImage
BCD 1345-3Septimius Severus, AE22 of Troezen, Argolis. 193-211 AD. Diassarion, 5.23 gr. AVT KAI Λ CEOYHΡOC, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed right / TΡOIZHNΩN, Aphrodite standing right, lifting veil and holding apple. BCD Peloponnesos 1345.3; Mabbott II 879 (this coin).TextImage
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