Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Metropolis

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SNG vA 8424Metropolis, Phrygia, AE32. Trajan Decius, 249-251 AD. OYT K G M K TΡA ΔEKIN CE, radiate, cuirassed bust right / ΠAΡ AΛEX TIEIOY ΠΡΩ AΡC MHTΡOΠOΛEITΩN ΦΡY, tetrastyle temple with arched architrave, figure of Zeus Nikephorus seated left within. SNG v. Aulock 8424. TextImage
BMC 2 Otacilia Severa. AE 26mm of Metropolis, Phrygia. MAΡ ΩTAK CEBHΡAC, Diademed bust right / MHTΡOΠOΛEITΩN ΦΡYΓ, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. BMC 2; Lindgren I A1004A.TextImage
BMC 5Herennius Etruscus, AE of Metropolis, Phrygia. 251 AD. 8.06 g. AV K Γ M K EΡ ETΡOY ΔEKIOC CE, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ΠA AΛE TIEIOY ΠΡ AΡC MHTΡOΠOΛEITΩN ΦΡY, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing. BMC 5.TextImage

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