Ancient Coinage of Caria, Kranaos

Kranaos was a minor town in the Carian uplands, probably on the south bank of the Maeander river. There is a reference in Pliny: "Antiochia ubi fuere Symmaethos et Cranaos oppida" from which we learn that the later city of Antioch ad Maeandrum occupied the sites of these two earlier towns.

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SNG Keckman 219Kranaos, Caria, AEll. 300-280 BC. 1.71 g. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right / KPAN, bunch of grapes on stem, shrimp in lower left field. SNG Keckman 219-220; Rhousopoulos 2667; Walker 3-4 in Schw. Münzb. 1978; Klein 535. (Note: Rogers 204 in his Thessaly work is this type, misattributed).TextImage