Ancient Coinage of Spain, Carthago Nova

[Burgos 412]
Carthago Nova, Hispania Citerior

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Note: Burgos Numbers marked * are the reference numbers from the 2008 volume.
*Burgos 170(Burgos 125)Punic Spain, Carthago Nova AE14. Time of Hannibal, ca 220-215 BC. Head of Tanit left / Carthaginian helmet left.Text

*Burgos 487Barcids in Spain, Silver 1/4 shekel of Cartagonova (Cartagena-Spain). 235-220 BC. Laureate head of (Hannibal as?) Herakles left / Elephant. TextImage
*Burgos 493Carthago Nova. Under the Carthaginians. Circa 220-205 BC. AR Shekel. Wreathed head of Tanit left / Horse prancing right, star above. SNG Cop 291, Villaronga 25. TextImage
*Burgos 498Carthago Nova. Under the Carthaginians. Ca 220-205 BC. AR Shekel. Wreathed head of Tanit left / Horse right, head reverted, palm behind. Villaronga 35. TextImage
*Burgos 507Carthago Nova AE 1/2 calcoi, AE16. Second punic war. Head of Tanit left / Horse standing right, palm-tree in background. TextImage
*Burgos 523Carthago Nova, AE quarter calco. 1,29 gr., 12-14 mm. Head of Tanit left / Helmet left. Burgos (2008) 523.TextImage
*Burgos 535Carthago Nova. Under the Carthaginians. c220-205 BC. AR Shekel. Bare head of Hannibal(?) left / Horse right, palm tree behind. SNG Cop 295; Villaronga 64. TextImage
*Burgos 552Spain, Carthago Nova. Circa 209-205 BC. AE 27mm. Male head left (Scipio Africanus?) / Horse standing right before palm. Villaronga 69. TextImage
*Burgos 554Carthago Nova, AE Quarter Calco. 2.16 gr, 13.5 mm. Youthful male head left / Horse's head right. Burgos 554.TextImage
*Burgos 571Spain, Carthago Nova, AE22, Helmeted head of Minerva right. / Statue on column, CV IN in fields. Burgos 434 (old). TextImage
*Burgos 583Spain, Carthago Nova AE Semis. Time of Augustus. L IVNIVS II VIR QVINVQ AVG, eagle standing facing, wings spread, held left, on thunderbolt / L ACILVS II VIR QVINQ AVG, sacrificial implements: patera, jug & lituus. TextImage
Muller 4Spain, Carthago Nova, after 209 BC. Bronze 23mm (10.74 gm). Male head left, probably the P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus / Horse standing right, palm tree behind. TextImage
Muller 103Carthago Nova. After 209 BC. AE 21mm. Male head left, thought to be Scipio Africanus / Horse standing before palm. TextImage
Robinson 7dBarcids in Spain, Carthago Nova AR Shekel. ca 218209 BC. Male head left, probably Hannibal / Horse standing right, superimposed on palm tree in background, pellet under belly. SNG Copenhagen 295cf, CNH 74. TextImage
Robinson 7pBarcids in Spain, Carthago Nova AE 24. After 209 BC. Head of crude style left, probably Scipio Africanus / horse standing right, superimposed on palm tree in background, pellet behind hock of right foreleg. TextImage
RPC 151Carthago Nova, Spain. Mid - late 1st c. BC. AE Semis 5.49 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / C V I N, Statue standing left on pedestal. RPC 151; SNG Copenhagen 485.TextImage
RPC 155Carthago Nova, Spain. Mid - late 1st c. BC. AE Semis 6.19 g. L. Appuleius Rufus and C. Maecius, duoviri quinquennales. L APVLLEI RVF QVINC, Aquila between two standards / C MAECI QVINI, Quinquireme or galley right, filleted sceptre on prow. RPC 155.TextImage
RPC 157Carthago Nova, Spain, Time of Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AE Semis 6.26 g. P. Baebius Pollio and C. Aquinus Mela, duoviri. P BAEBIVS POLLIO II VIR QVIN, Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm branch / C AQVINIVS MELA II VIR QVIN, Two standards. RPC 157; SNG Copenhagen 488-9.TextImage
RPC 159Carthago Nova, Spain, Time of Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AE Quadrans 16mm, 2.24 g. Conduc. Malleol., duovir. COND MALI to right and left of hammer / II VIR QVINC, shield with dot in boss in centre. RPC I 159.TextImage
RPC 169Carthago Nova, Spain. Time of Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AE Semis 4.99 g. Cn. Atellius and Juba, King of Mauretania, duoviri. CN ATELLIVS PONTI II V QV, sacrificial implements: apex, securis, aspergillium, and simpulum / IVBA REX IVBAE F II QV, Crown of Isis. RPC 169; SNG Copenhagen 493.TextImage
RPC 174Carthago Nova, Spain, time of Augustus. 27 BC-14 AD. AE Semis 4.05 g. P. Turullio and M. Postumus Albinus, duoviri. P TVRVLLIO V I N K II VIR QVIN, Priest driving quadriga right; vexillum before / V I N K POSTV ALBINVS II QVINQ ITER, tetrastyle temple inscribed AVGVSTO. RPC 174; SNG Copenhagen 499.TextImage
RPC 175Carthago Nova, Spain, time of Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AE Semis 20mm, 5.75 g. P. Turullio and M. Postumus Albinus, duoviri. P TVRVLLIO VR I N K II VIR QVINCR, Priest driving quadriga left; vexillum before / V I N K M POSTVM ALBINVS II VIR QVINCV ITER, tetrastyle temple inscribed AVGVSTO. RPC I 175; SNG Copenhagen 497.TextImage
SNG BM 99Spain, Carthago Nova. Carthaginian Occupation, ca 237-209 BC. AR Quarter-Drachm. Beardless & laureate head of Melqart left, club over shoulder / Elephant standing right. Robinson, Punic 6(d); SNG Cop 293. TextImage
SNG Cop 109Carthago Nova or Gades, Spain, AE16 The Barcids in Spain, time of Hannibal, c 215 BC. Male head (of Hannibal?) left, palm branch at either side / horse prancing right. TextImage
SNG Cop 292Carthago Nova, Spain, Carthaginian Occupation. Circa 237-209 BC. AE 21mm, 5.91 gm. Male head right wearing crested Corinthian helmet / Palm tree with two bunches of fruit. MHC 113; CNH 41; SNG BM Spain 94; Robinson, Punic 4(d); SNG Copenhagen 292.TextImage
SNGCop 298Spain, Carthago Nova, 15, (2.18g) c. 209 B.C., Male Roman style head left, probably Scipio Africanus, before he was named Scipio Africanus, for his Victories in Africa / Horse head right. TextImage
SNGCop 483Carthago Nova, AE Semis, 21mm. 1st c. BC. C CAEDI T POPILI, Dolphin right / II VIR QVIN, Palm branch. Burgos 2008 #570; SNG Cop 483.TextImage
Villaronga 19Carthago Nova, Spain, AR shekel, ca. 228 BC. 7,09 g. Diademed male head (Hasdrubal?) left / Prow of galley right, oval shield on the bridge, two sailors on deck; dolphin right below. Villaronga 19.TextImage
Villaronga 52Carthago Nova, Spain, under Carthaginian rule. Ca 220-215 BC. AE Unit 7.40 gm. Head of Athena left, wearing crested cap / Horse standing right. Villaronga 52; Burgos 406.TextImage
Villaronga 71Carthago Nova. AR Shekel, 22mm, 230-220 BC. 7.40 g. Head of Tanit left, wreathed with corn, within lined border / Horse rearing right, star of eight rays behind, linear border. Villaronga 71.TextImage
Villaronga 116Iberia, Hispano-Carthaginian Issue, circa 235 - 222 BC. Wreathed head of Tanit left / Crested helmet left with ear flap. SNH pg69, 46. TextImage
Visona 25Carthago Nova or Gades, Spain, The Barcids in Spain, time of Hannibal, AE16. c.215 BC, Male head (of Hannibal?) left, palm branch at either side. / Horse prancing right. TextImage
RPC 167Augustus AE29 of Carthago Nova. AVGVSTVS DIVI F, laureate head right / C VAR RVF SEX IVL POL II VIRQ, Apex securis, aspergillum & simpulum.TextImage
RPC 168Augustus AE 21mm of Spain, Carthago Nova. Laureate head of Augustus right / Simpulum, aspergillum, securis and apex. SNG Copenhagen 510.TextImage
RPC 170Augustus, Carthago Nova, Tarraconensis (Spain), AE28. Duumvirs M Postum. Albin. and L Porc. Capit. AVGVSTVS DIVI F, laureate head right / M POSTVM ALBIN L PORC CAPIT II VIR Q, Priest standing facing holding simpulum and branch. RPC 170; SNG Copenhagen 496; Burgos 438.TextImage
RPC 172Spain, Carthago Nova. Augustus(?). 27 BC-14 AD. AE 19mm (5.66 gm). C Laetilius Apalus Rex Ptol IIviri q. Bare head right / Diadem. RPC 172. TextImage
RPC 483Augustus, AE Semis of Cartagonova, Spain. 22mm, 8.56 gr. CN STATI LIBO PRAEF, bare head right / SACERDOS, patera and praefericulum (sacrificial vase). RPC 483; Burgos (2008) 587.TextImage
RPC 483Stati Libo the Preafect AE22. Time of Augustus. Spanish mint. CN STATI LIBO PRAEF, bare head right / SECERDOS, patera & praefericulum.TextObvRev
RPC 179Tiberius, Nero and Drusus, AE25 of Carthago Nova, Spain, 9.0g. TI CAESAR DIVI AVGVSTI F AVGVSTVS P M, bare head of Tiberius left / NE[RO ET DRVSVS C]AESARES QVINQ C V I N C, confronted bare-headed and draped busts of Nero and Drusus. RPC 179; Burgos 460.TextImage
RPC 181Tiberius AE Semis of Carthago Nova, Spain. Nero and Drusus Caesars face to face.TextImage
RPC 182Tiberius & Caligula, as Caesar AE30 of Carthago Nova, Spain. TI CAESAR DIVI AVGV F AVG P M, laureate head of Tiberius left / C.CAESAR TI.N.QVINQ IN. V.I.N.K., bare head of Caligula left. RPC 182, SNG_502, SGI 337, Cohen 245.TextImage
RPC 183Tiberius & Caligula Caesar, AE22 of Carthago Nova. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTV P M Laureate head left / C CAESAR TI N QVIN IN V I N K Bare head left.TextImage
RPC 185Caligula AE 28 of Carthago Nova, Spain. C CAESAR AVG GERMANIC IMP P M TR P COS, laureate head right / CN ATEL FLAC CN POM FLAC II VIR Q V I N C, SAL-AVG across field, head of Salus right. SGI 419.TextImage
RPC 185Caligula & Caesonia AE27 of Carthago Nova, Spain. C CAESAR AVG GERMANIS, laureate head right / DN ATEL FLAC CN POM FLAC II VIR Q V I N C, head of Caesonia right, SAL AVG across field. SGI 419.TextObvRev
RPC 166Carthago Nova, Spain. AE20. C. Helvius Pollo. C HELVI POLL PR TI NERONE QV, bare head of Tiberius (?) right / HIBERO PRAEF, sacrificial implements: simpulum, securis, spergillum and apex. RPC 166.TextImage
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