Ancient Coinage of Seleucia, Antiochos X

Antiochos X, Seleukid king 94-83 BC.

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BMC 3Antiochos X Eusebes, Syria, 94-83 BC, AE 20, 6.9g. Diademed and slightly bearded head of Antiochos right / BAΣIΛEWΣ ANTIOXOY EYΣEBOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ, laureate pilei of Dioskuri with straps, surmounted by stars. MΠ to left. BMC 3. TextImage
Houghton 380Antiochos X, Seleukid kingdom, AR Tetradrachm. 94-83 BC. Diademed head of Antiochos X right / BAΣIΛEWΣ ANTIOXOY EYΣEBOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ to right and left of Zeus seated left holding Nike and sceptre. Monogram in outer left field. Houghton 380. TextImage
Houghton 384Seleukid Kingdom, Antiochos X Eusebes Philopator AR Drachm. Antioch mint, first reign, 94-early 93 BC. Diademed head right / Tyche standing left, holding sceptre and cornucopiae; monogram and A to outer left. SMA 431. TextImage
Newell 429Antiochos X AR Tetradrachm. Diademed head of Antiochos X / BAΣIΛEWΣ ANTIOXOY EYΣEBOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ, Zeus enthroned left holding sceptre and Nike. Antioch mint. TextImage
Newell 430 Antiochos X Seleucid Kings of Syria, AR tetradrachm. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEWΣ ANTIOXOY EYΣEBOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ, Zeus enthroned left, holding wreath-bearing Nike in outstretched right hand, and sceptre in left; monograms beneath throne and at left in outer field. Houghton 2791. TextImage
SNG Is 2790Seleukid Kingdom. Antiochos X. 94 or 93 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Antioch. Diademed head right; fillet border / BAΣIΛEWΣ ANTIOXOY EYΣEBOYΣ ΦIΛOΠATOΡOΣ, Zeus Nikephoros enthroned left, holding sceptre. Newell, SMA 430. TextImage
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