Ancient Coinage of Phrygia, Synnada

Synnada = modern day Suhut in Turkey. Between Eucarpia and Ipsus, NE of Apamea.

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BMC 10Synnada, Phrygia, AE19, Time of Claudius. 41-54 AD. CVNNADEWN, helmeted bust of Athena right / KLAUDIOU ANDRAGATOU, Owl on amphora right. RPC I 3186; BMC 10; Waddington 6522; Imhoof KM 12; Weber 3610.TextImage
BMC 15Synnada, Phrygia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 2nd-3rd centuries AD. AE23mm, 7.83 g. IERON CVNKLHTON CYNNADI, draped bust of the Senate right, hair bound with taenia / DHMOC RWMAIWN, Demos standing facing, head left, holding patera and scroll. BMC 15.TextImage
BMC 28Synnada, Phrygia. AE31. Semi-autonomous (Claudius to Gallienus). 6.68 g. CVNNA-DE-WN to right, below and left of head of bearded Herakles right / IWNWN AR KELCO TG around prize crown with 2 palm branches. BMC 28; Imhoof-Blumer KM 30; Waddington 6527-8.TextImage
RPC 3182Synnada, Phrygia, AE14, 2.9mm. Pseudo Autonomous. 14-37 AD. Magistrate Valerianus. (from top left), OUALERIANOU, eagle standing facing, head left, wings spread / (from top left) CYNNADEWN, owl standing right on amphora. RPC 3182; BMC 8.TextImage
RPC 3184Synnada, Phrygia, Time of Tiberius, 14-37 AD. AE 14mm (4.14 gm). Klaudios Valerianos and Krassos. KP[AC]COY, eagle standing right, head turned back / CYNNADEWN, owl standing right on amphora. RPC I, 3184.TextImage
RPC 3189Synnada, Phrygia. AE19, semi-autonomous issue, AD 41-54. Magistrate Artemonos Tropheos. 4.13 g. CYNNADEWN, helmeted head of Athena right / ARTEMWNOC TROFEWC, owl standing right on amphora. RPC I 3189 (1-4); Paris 2011-2012; SNG von Aulock 3974; Waddington 6523; Lindgren III 620.TextImage
SNGCop 708Synnada, Phrygia. AE19. Circa 133-1st century BC. (6.61 g, 12h). Meliton, magistrate. Laureate head of Zeus right / SYNNAD MELIT AQEN, Poppy and grain ear between piloi of the Dioskouroi. SNG Copenhagen 708.TextImage
SGI 5118Synnada, Phrygia. AE15. Time of Claudius. Bust of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet and aegis / CVNNADEWN, owl standing facing on prostrate amphora. BMC 12.TextImage
SNGCop 714Synnada, Phrygia. AE22. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Late 2nd-early 3rd century AD. (from top centre) IERAN CVNKLHTON CYNNADEIC, diademed and draped bust of the Senate right /DHMOC-RWMAIWN downwards, to left and right, unbearded Demos standing facing, head left, holding patera and scroll. SNG Cop 714; Imhoof KM 6; Waser RSN 1898 p. 321; Mionnet IV 973; Mionnet Supp. VII 589; Righetti Sale 8348.TextImage
RPC 1394Domitia, AE21 of Synnada, Phrygia. DOMITIA CEBACTH, draped bust right / SYNNADEWN, Athena standing left, holding patera (or Nike?) and spear, shield at her side. BMC 40.TextImage
SNGCop 732Lucius Verus, Synnada, Phrygia. 161169 AD. AE33. Magistrate Kla. Attalos, Prytanis and Logistes. AY KAI L AVR OUHROS, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EPI PRU K LOGIS K ATTALOU / SYNNADEWN (in ex.), octastyle temple with statue of Dionysus(?) standing left within, holding patera and long thyrsus. BMC 49-50; SNG Cop 732; Weber 7187 var (rev. legend).TextImage
BMC 53Diadumenian, AE28 of Synnada, Phrygia. M OPEL MAKR ANTONINOS DIA K, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / CUNNADEWN, Amaltheia standing right holding infant Zeus in left hand and sceptre in right hand; goat before. BMC 53; Imhoof KM 24; Isegrim 15719.TextImage
BMC 70Salonina AE28 of Synnada, Phrygia. AD 253-268. 8.24g. KOΡ CAΛΩNINA CEB, draped bust right / CYNNAΔEΩN IΩNΩN, Amaltheia standing right, holding sceptre and the infant Zeus; goat standing right before her, its head turned back. BMC 70-73; SNG von Aulock 3999; SNG Munich 480; SNG Cop 735; SNG Lewis 1561.TextImage
BMC 66Gallienus 33mm of Synnada in Phrygia. AVT KAI P LIK GALLHNOC, C-EB across field; laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / CUN-NA-DE-WN, hunt scene in the amphitheatre: centre, lion chasing stag; below, bestiarius attacking boar with spear; above, usarius and performing bear.TextImage
SNG vA 3995Gallienus, AE 31 of Phrygia, Synnada, 253-268 AD. AUT KAI P LIC GALLHNOC, C-EB across field; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CWNNADEWN EPI AR KELCOU, hexastyle temple, Zeus seated left within, holding sceptre. SNG von Aulock 3995.TextImage
SNG vA 3998Gallienus, AE34 of Synnada, Phrygia. AD 253-268. AYT K P LI EG GALLIHNOC, laureate, draped bust right / CYNNADEWN IWNWN, two gladiators fighting, rectangular cult stone above between two palm branches. SNG von Aulock 3998; Franke KZR 264; Imhoof KM 29.TextImage

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