Ancient Coinage of Grimenothyrae, Phrygia

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BMC 1Phrygia, Flavia-Grimenothyrae, AE, Pseudo-autonomous, 6.83 gr. 98-117 AD. IEΡA CYNKΛHTO[C], draped bust of the Senates right / EΠI Λ TYΛ Π ΓΡIMENOΘYΡEΩ[N], MÍn standing facing, holding pine cones and sceptre. BMC 1; Von Aulock (1987) 337-338.TextImage
BMC 4Grimenothyrae, Phrygia, AE18, 3.9 gr, pseudo-autonomous issue, 97-138 AD. EΠI Λ TYΛ, Bearded head of Zeus right, wearing taenia / ΓΡIMENOΘYΡEΩN, Athena standing right, holding spear and shield. SNG von Aulock 3599; Waddington 6050; SNG Cop 400; Lindgren I 954: BMC 4.TextImage
BMC 8Grimenothyrae, Phrygia, AE23, semi-autonomous issue. AD 117-138. Magistrate Asklepiados. 5.3 g. IEΡA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of the Senate right, hair bound in a taenia. / EΠI ACKΛHΠIAΔOY AΠ ΓΡIM (or AΠO ΓΡI), Herakles standing front, looking left, holding apple, club and lionskin. BMC 8; Aulock Phrygien II, 395 (both with AΠ ΓΡIM); Imhoof GM 684; Aulock Phrygien II, 396-401; Waddington 6055; SNG Cop 403; Prowe III 1723; McClean 8811 (all with AΠO ΓΡI); RPC III 2493.TextImage
SNG Cop 401Grimenothyrai, Phrygia, AE18, Time of Trajan or Hadrian. EΠI M TYΛΛI, Veiled bust of Demeter left wreathed with corn-ears / (from upper right) ΓΡIMENOΘYΡEΩN, Artemis Ephesia standing facing with polos and veil. SNG Cop 401, SNG von Aulock 3603, Waddington 6053. TextImage
SNGvA 3601Phrygia, Flavia-Grimenothyrae, time of Trajan. 20mm, 4.60g. EΠI M TYΛΛI, diademed head of Zeus right, eagle before / (from top right) ΓΡIMENOΘYΡEΩN; Athena standing right, holding spear and shield set on ground. SNG Aulock 3601; v. Aulock Phrygien 2, 377.TextImage
vAulock Phryg. II, 370Phrygia, Flavia-Grimenothyrai, Time of Trajan, AD 98-117, 18mm, 3.4g. EΠI M TYΛΛI, draped bust of Artemis right (with bow and quiver) / ΓΡIMENOΘYΡEΩN, Demeter standing left, holding corn ears and sceptre. von Aulock Phrygien II, 370, Imhoof KM 1.TextImage
Waddington 6057Trajan AE25 of Grimenothyrae, Phrygia. AD 98-117. Magistrate Tullios. AYT NEΡ TΡAIANOC K C ΓE ΔAK (anti-clockwise from lower right), laureate head right. / EΠI Λ TYΛΛIOY ΓΡEIMENOΘY (anti-clockwise from lower right), Hygieia, on the left, standing right, feeding serpent in arms, facing Asklepios on the right, looking left, leaning on serpent-entwined staff. Aulock Phrygien II 424-425; Waddington 6057; Paris Chandon de Briailles, 1938.TextImage