Ancient Coinage of Mysia, Miletopolis

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BMC 3Miletopolis, Mysia, AE12. 4th c. BC. 11.9 gr. Head of Apollo right / MILH-TO, bull standing left, owl below. SNG Cop 246; BMC 3; SNG von Aulock 7412; SNG Stockholm 2053; SNG Tuebingen 2315.TextImage
BMC 5Miletopolis, Mysia, Civic coinage, 400-300 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / MIL-HTO, Double-bodied owl standing facing. BMC 5; Weber 5127.TextImage
Imhoof GRM, 1Miletopolis, Mysia, AE15. Corinthian helmet right / MILHTOPO, bull standing or walking right. Imhoof "Zur Gr. & Röm. Münzk.", p. 48, 1.TextImage
Mueller 350Miletopolis, Mysia. AR Trihemiobol, 4th c. BC. 0.96 gr. Helmeted head of Athena right / Double-bodied owl within a lined square, all in incuse square. Unpublished. Attribution to Miletopolis uncertain, but possible because of the reverse types known for that town. Roland Mueller Coll. sale 350.TextImage
Righetti Coll. IV, 519Miletopolis, AE20. 3rd-2nd c. BC. 6.98 g. Helmeted bust of Athena facing / MIL-HTO, owl standing left, head facing. Righetti Coll. Sale IV, 519.TextImage
RPC 2237Miletopolis, Mysia. Axiochus. AE21, 5.50 gr, 1st century BC-1st century AD. O DHMOC AXIOCOC, bare head of Demos or Axiochus right / MILHTOPOLITWN, draped bust of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet and aegis. RPC I 2237.3 (this coin); Imhoof-Blumer, GRMK 2; SNG von Aulock 7417.TextImage
RPC 2238Miletopolis, Mysia. AE22. 7.04 gr. O DHMOC AXIOCWN, laureate head of Demos or Achioxion right; two owl countermarks / MILHTOPOLITWN, helmeted head of Athena right. RPC I 2238; SNG von Aulock 7417.TextImage
SNGCop 248 cfMiletopolis, Mysia, AE23, 5.64 gr. ca. 100 BC. Helmeted head of Athena (facing ?) / MILHTOPOLITWN, Two owls standing left and right. cf SNG Cop 248; SLG Behr 429; SNG von Aulock 1310, all with Athena, head right.TextImage
SNGFr. 1301Miletopolis, Mysia, Civic coinage, 4th century BC. AE11, 1.20 gr. Laureate head of Apollo right; below, tunny right / MYLH clockwise, Bull standing left. SNG France 1301 corr.TextImage
SNG vA 1310Miletopolis, Mysia, Civic coinage, 200-0 BC. AE 24, 8.14 gr. Helmeted head of Athena right / MILHTOPOLEITWN, Two owls standing left and right, heads facing. BMC 6-7; SNG Cop. 248-250; SNG von Aulock 1310; Lindgren I 268; Weber 5128.TextImage
SNG vA 1311Miletopolis, Mysia, Civic coinage, 200-0 BC. AE 24, 8.14 gr. Helmeted head of Athena right / MILHTOPOLITWN, double-bodied owl facing. SNG von Aulock 1311; SNG Cop 249.TextImage
Sear #3915Miletopolis, Mysia, AE20. Helmeted head of Athena right / MILHTORVNITWN Double bodied owl, head facing.
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BMC 8Trajan, AE35 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 98-117 AD. Magistrate Pop. Lic. Balbus. 25.21 g. AV NER TRAIANOC CEB GER KAICAR, laureate head right / EPI POVPLIO LIK BALBOV MEILETOPOLEITWN, Hermes seated left on rock, petatos on head, holding caduceus in outstretched right hand. SNG France 5, 1310; BMC 8.TextImage
Nomisma 16
Hadrian, AE23 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 117-138 AD. AU K TRAIANOC ADRIANOC, laureate head right / MEILHTOC KITCTHC EPI, K-O across fields, Miletos advancing left, looking right, raising arm and holding spear and shield. Imhoof Nomisma 5, p. 29, 16; Hasluck NC (1906), p. 33.TextImage
Mionnet 623Hadrian, AE19 of Miletopolis, Mysia. ADRIANOC AUK TRIAN, laureate head right / MEILHTOPO-LEITWN EP, K-O across fields, Athena standing left, holding patera, spear and shield, owl at feet. Mionnet 623 corr. citing Arig. I, plate III, 55.TextImage
BMC 11 corr.Antoninus Pius, AE27 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 138-161 AD. Diphilus, strategos. AV KAI TIAI ADRI ANTWNEINOC, bare-headed, draped bust right / EPI CTRA DIFILOU MEILHTOPOLEITWN, Dionysus standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsus; panther at foot. BMC 11 corr. (panther, not altar) and var (rev. legend); Weber 5130 var (rev legend); Scholtz NZ 1910 p. 17, 71 var (ditto).TextImage
SNG Fr 1315Antoninus Pius AE17 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 138-161 AD. AYT KAI TRAI ADRI ANTWNEINOC, bare head right / MEILHTOPOLEITWN (from top right), winged caduceus. SNG France 1315.TextImage
BMC 12Lucilla, AE21 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 164-182 AD. LOUKILLA CEBACTH, draped bust right / MEILHTOPOLEITWN, Helmeted and draped bust of Athena left, wearing aegis. SNG von Aulock 1314; BMC 12.TextImage
BMC 14 varSeptimius Severus, AE35 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 193-211 AD. 23.84 gr. AY KAI L CEPT CEOUHRO AUG.., laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right, NI countermark beloe / Unclear legend around, MEILHTOPOLEITWN below, Hermes seated left on rock, holding caduceus and resting hand on rock. BMC 14 var (this reverse for Commodus); apparently unpublished for Severus.TextImage
CNG 203, 283Septimius Severus, AE19 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 193-211 AD. AVK L CEPT CEVHPOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / MILHTOPOLEITWN, bucranium facing. Unpublished. CNG 203, 283.TextImage
Lindgren I 270Plautilla, AE20 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 202-205 AD. PLAUTILLA AUGOUCT, draped bust right / MEILHTOPOLEITWN, Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis. Lindgren I 270; Mabbott 1299.TextImage
CNG 160, 177Elagabalus, AE36 of Miletopolis, Mysia. 218-222 AD. M AVR ANTWNINOC AUGOUCTOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / EPI CTRA ERENIOU ALEXANDROU MILHTOPOLEITWN, Serapis seated left, holding sceptre, altar at foot left. Unpublished. CNG 160, 177.TextImage
Lindgren 263Gordian III, AE45 medallion of Miletopolis, Mysia. 33.68 gr. 238-244 AD. Aurelius Hermus, strategos. AVT K M AUR GORDIANOC AUGU, Laureate and cuirassed bust right, holding sceptre over left shoulder / EPI CTR AURH ERMOU MEILHTOPO around, LEITWN in exergue, Gordian on horseback galloping right, thrusting lance at lion crouching left. Scholz NZ (1901) p. 35,54; Lindgren III 263 (this coin).TextImage
Scholz 72Philip II. AE18 of Miletopolis, Mysia. AD 244-249. M IOY FILIPPOC KE, bare-headed, draped bust right / MEILHTOPOLEITWN, basket containing three palm branches. Scholz 72 in NZ 1910.TextImage

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