Ancient Coinage of Axum, Nezool

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BMC 401KINGS of AXUM (Aksum). Nezool. Circa 450-500 AD. AV Third Solidus, 17mm. +QEOV E VXAPICTIA (By the grace of God(?)), crowned & draped bust right, holding three-pronged 'fly whisk', framed by grain ears / +BACILEYC NEZOWL (King Nezool), draped bust right, in headcloth, holding two-pronged 'fly whisk', framed by two grain ears; N of legend retrograde. Munro-Hay Type 82; BMC Aksum 401. TextImage
Munro_79KINGS of AXUM (Aksum). Nezana. Circa 450 AD. AV Third Solidus, 17mm. +NEZANA BVCILVC (King Nezana), draped bust right, in headcloth, framed by two grain ears / +QEOV E-VXLPICTIL (Thanks be to God), crowned & robed bust right, holding fly-whisk, framed by two grain ears. Munro-Hay Type 79; BMC Aksum -.TextImage
Munro_82AXUM. Nezool. Circa 450. AV Third Solidus (18mm, 1.59 g, 12h). Crowned & draped bust right; grain ears flanking / Draped bust right, in headcloth; grain ears flanking. Munro-Hay type 82; cf. BMC Aksum 401. TextImage
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