Ancient Coinage of Samaria, Sebaste

[SNG ANS 1075 of Commodus. This statue of Kore was found in Sebaste and is now on display at the Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem]

Sebaste, an inland town in the Nablus Mountains of Samaria

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Hendin 802Samaria, Sebaste AE24. Legion X Fretensis countermarks, on undertype of Domitian(?) from Antioch. Head right [oval countermark of Nerva(?) right] / large SC in wreath [rectangular countermarks: boar right, LXF above; galley right]. Howgego 117, 291 and 420. SNG ANS 1069v. TextImage
RPC 2229Domitian, AE11 of Samaria, Sebaste. AD 81-96. 1.35 g. IMP DOMI CAES.., Laureate head right / CEBACTHNΩN, Crested helmet with cheek pieces. RPC II 2229; Rosenberger 10.TextImage
Hendin 905Commodus, AE30 of Sebaste, Samaria, Syria. AD 177-192. 13.8 g. Dated local year 215 = AD 190-191. IMP CAI AVG COMMO or similar, laureate and cuirassed bust right / CEBACTHNEN CYΡ CIE or similar, tetrastyle temple with Tyche, turreted, standing left within, foot on a small figure, holding small bust and sceptre. Rosenberger 14; Hendin 905; Samuels 222 (this coin).TextImage
Prowe 2603Commodus, AE34 of Sebaste, Samaria, Syria. AD 190-191. 23.44 g. IMP C M AV COM ANT, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CEBACTHNΩN CYΡ L CIC, Hades in galloping quadriga right, carrying off the struggling Persephone, Eros flying right above, overturned basket of flowers behind the wheel. Berlin 1914-714; Prowe III, 2603 (as Ant. Pius in error)TextImage
SNG ANS 1077Commodus AE 22mm of Sebaste, Samaria. Dated CY 216 = AD 191-192. IMP C M AV COM ANT AV, laureate head right / CEBACTHNΩN CVΡ, date LC-IS across, Ares walking right, holding spear and shield. Hendin -.TextImage
SNG ANS 1075Commodus AE 27mm of Sebaste, Samaria. Dated CY 215 = 190/1 CE. IMP C M AV COMM, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CEBACTHNΩN CVΡ, date LC-IE across, Kore or Demeter standing right, holding torch and grain ears. Hendin -.TextImage
CNG 69,1260Septimius Severus AE 34mm of Sebaste, Samaria. Dated CY 226 = 201/2 CE. IMP C L CEPT CEV PERT AVG, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / CEBACTHNwN CYP, Hades carrying off Persephone in his chariot, Eros flying above; date above.TextImage
Hecht 27Julia Domna, AE25 of Sebaste, Samaria. 14.22 g. Dated AD 201. IVLIA DOMNA AVG (Latin legend), draped bust right / CEBACTH CYΡ (Greek legend), Demeter standing right, kalathos on head, holding long torch and corn-ears, tall modius behind her. Date LCK ς across fields. Hecht 27 in Num. Chron. 1968.TextImage
Rosenberger 20Samaria, Sebaste. Caracalla. AD 198-217. AE (27mm, 15.18 g, 12h). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Founder plowing right with ox and cow; above, Nike flying left, crowning him. Rosenberger 20.TextImage
Mionnet 167Geta, AE20 of Sebaste, Syria. P SEP GETA, bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / COL L S SEBASTE, emperor, togate, standing left, holding patera over altar, and cornucopiae. Mionnet V 167; BMC -; ANS -.TextImage
Rosenberger 27Elagabalus AE21 of Samaria, Sebaste. Laureate, draped bust right / CEBACT above, (...) below, Hades driving galloping quadriga right, restraining a struggling Kore/Persephone; Eros flying right above the horses, uncertain object (pomegranate?) below. BMC-, Meshorer 120. TextImage
BMC 19Aquilia Severa AE 18 of Samaria, Sebaste. AVGVSTA SEVERA. draped bust right / COL·L SEBAE..., sphinx crouching left, right paw on wheel; radiate head (of Helios or Tyche?) facing left above. Rosenberger 38.TextImage
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