Ancient Coinage of Channel Islands

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DLT J14Celtic Britain, Channel Islands, Jersey Armorica. AR Stater, 6.72 g, ca. 80-50 BC. Lunate male head right with triadic tattoo on cheek; "horn" above; "bent nail" and dot in circle at lower right. / Ornate Celticized horse running right; straight line terminating in dot in circle from horse's back; uncertain object at upper left; outline of boar before; "lyre-comet" between two suns below. LaTour pl. XXV, J14; Scheers, Dan. 246.TextImage
DLT J62Celtic, Channel Islands, billon stater, (6.52g) Stylized male head right. / Stylized horse right, ornaments. DeLaTour, plate XXVII, J62. TextImage
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