Ancient Coinage of Apulia, Arpi

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BMC 6Arpi, Apulia, AE19, (6.43g) 3rd century BC, [_OYΛΛA] Bull butting right. / Horse prancing right, ARPANOY above and below. TextImage
Rutter HN 633Arpi, Apulia, AR didrachm, 325-275 BC. 23mm. 6.42 gr. [AΡΠANOU], head of Persephone left, amphora behind / Free horse prancing left, star above, ΔAZOY and helmet below. SNG ANS 631. HN Italy 633.TextImage
Rutter HN 637Arpi, Apulia, AR Diobol, 0.95 g. Helmeted head of Athena right, AΡΠ ΣEΠTI to right / Hercules kneeling right, strangling lion. Rutter HN 637ar (diobol). TextImage
Rutter HN 642Apulia Arpi AE21. 325-275 BC, 21.94 mm, 6.8 gr. Laureate head of Zeus left, thunderbolt to right, (usually with ΔAXOY to left) / Boar right, (usually with spear-head above and AΡΠANΩN or ΠYΛΛOY below). SNG Cop 605; Rutter HN 642.TextImage
Rutter HN 645Apulia, Arpi. Circa 275-250 BC. AE 21mm. ΠOYΛΛI beneath bull charging right / Horse galloping right. SNG ANS 640-645. TextImage
Rutter HN 647Arpi, Apulia, AR diobol, 215-212 BC. 1.41 gr. Helmeted head of Athena left / AΡ-ΠA above and beneath two grain ears. HN Italy 647.TextImage
SNGCop 601vArpi, Apulia, AR diobol. 3rd century BC. Helmeted head of Athena left / Three grain ears, AΡ-Π-I around. Rutter HN 646 var (value). TextImage
SNGCop 603Apulia, Arpi, AE 20mm. Ca 3rd Century BC. Laureate head of Zeus left, thunderbolt behind / AΡΠANΩN, boar right, spear above. SNG ANS 635ff. TextImage
SNGCop 611Apulia, Arpi. AE 2,95 gr. 17.25 mm. 217-213 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left / Horse galloping left, star above, AΡ monogram below. SNG Cop 611.TextImage
SNG Cop 646Arpi, Apulia. AE14. 3rd century BC. 3.60 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / AΡΠANΩN, bunch of grapes. SNG COP 646.TextImage
SNG Morcom 194Apulia, Arpi, AE20. 250-200 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left, thunderbolt behind / Kalydonian boar running right, spear above, AΡΠA below. SNG Morcom 194, SG569var. TextImage
Sear SG 569Apulia, Arpi, AE 20mm. 3rd Century BC. ΔIAOY, laureate head of Zeus left, thunderbolt behind / Boar of Calydon running right, AΡΠANΩN below, spear above. BMC 4, SNGCop 603. TextImage
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