Ancient Coinage of Bosporos, Gorgippia

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Anokhin 195Gorgippia, Bosporos, AR drachm, 125-100 BC. Radiate head of Helios right / ΓOΡ-ΓIΠ to left and right of cornucopiae, a star in each upper field. Anokhin 195 (this coin); Stahnspavskov 926.TextImage
Anokhin 210Gorgippia, Bosporos, AE31, ca 100-75 BC. 18.05 g. Young male head right in diademed Phrygian helmet; six-rayed star and crescent above / ΓOΡ-ΓIΠ ΠIE-ΩN in two lines across fields, Dionysos standing facing, holding bunch of grapes and thyrsos, panther at feet left, ΩΠΔVΡ monogram in lower left field. Anokhin 210; Stahnspavskov 929; SNG Stancomb 617.TextImage
BMC BlackSea 985Gorgippia, Bosporos, AR Drachm, 18mm. 100-75 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / ΓOΡΓIΠ-ΠEΩN above and beneath stag running right; thyrsus behind. Anokhin 197; BMC Black Sea 985; MacDonald 167; Sear Greek II 3619.TextImage
Hoover 8Gorgippia, Bosporos, AR didrachm. ca 109-105 BC. 8.83 g. Head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / ΓOΡΓIΠ-ΠEΩN in two lines, bunch of grapes above, all within ivy wreath. MacDonald 177; Hoover HGC 8; Anokhin 209; Stahnspavskov 928.TextImage
SNG Cop 1Gorgippia, Bosporos. Struck under Mithradates VI. ca 90-60 BC. AE21, 6.34 g. Laureate head of Apollo right / ΓOΡΓIΠ ΠEΩN in two lines to left and right of filleted thyrsos leaning against tripod. ME monogram in left field, ΔHTYΡ monogram in right field. SNG Cop 1; MacDonald 179; Anokhin 211B. TextImage
Sear 3618AR drachm. Laureate head of Apollo / Stag running right. As BMC BlackSea 985 above.
Sear 3619AR hemidrachm. Laureate head of Apollo / bow in bowcase and club. Historia Nummorum p. 474.
Sear 3620AE 20. Laureate head of Apollo / filleted thyrsos leaning against tripod. Weber 4744, similar to SNG Cop 1 above.
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