Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Herod Antipas

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Hendin 511Herod Antipas. 4 B.C.E. - 40 C.E. AE Quarter Denomination. 3.80 grams. Obverse: Reed upright with date LKDelta (Year 24 = 20 C.E.) in r. field; inscription (of Herod the Tetrarch). Reverse: Inscription surrounded by a wreath; TIBE PIAC (Tiberias). AJC II, 242, 3. Hendin 511. Fine. TextImage
Hendin 511aHerod Antipas, 4 BC-40 AD, eighth-denomination bronze of 11.3 mm, 1.86 grams. Struck at the mint of Tiberias in Galilee, dated to the year 20 AD. TextImage
Hendin 514Herod Antipas. 4 BCE - 40 CE. AE 1/4 Denomination. Palm branch upright with date (Year 33 = 29 C.E.) in r. field; inscription / Inscription surrounded by wreath; TIBE PIAC (Tiberias). TextImage
Hendin 516Herod Antipas AE 22mm. Dated year 34=30 CE. HPWDOU TETRARXOU, palm branch; L-LD (date) across fields / TIBE PIAC in wreath. AJC II pg. 242, 9; RPC 4926. TextImage
Hendin 517Herod Antipas, 4 BC-40 AD, AE18 Half Denomination. Dated Year 34 = 30 AD. HPWDOY THTPAPXOY, upright palm branch, date L-LD / TIBE PIAC in laurel wreath. TextImage
Hendin 512Herod Antipas AE Dupondius. HRWDOU TETRARCOU, palm frond upright with slight curves, L-AG across fields / TIBE/RIAC (Tiberias), legend in two lines, surrounded by wreath. RPC 4930; Hendin 512; Meshorer TJC 79. TextImage
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