Ancient Coinage of Caria, Apollonia-Salbace

Located about 7 km north of Tavas on a fruitful area of the Tavas plain, and connected to Lycia and Phrygia by road.

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BMC 1Apollonia Salbace, Caria. AE18, 2nd c. BC. Laureate head of Zeus right, two stiff curls hanging down the back of the neck / AΠOΛΛO-NIATΩN, Amazon or Sabazios on horseback right, horse has one front foreleg raised. Maeander pattern below. BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 5Apollonia Salbace, Caria. AE15, 1st c. BC. Head of Apollo right / AΠOΛΛONIATΩN, five-stringed lyre. BMC 5-6; SNG von Aulock 2478.TextImage
BMC 15Apollonia Salbace, Caria. AE18. ΔHMOC, Laureate bust of Demos right / AΠOΛΛONIATΩN, Dionysus, wearing short chiton, standing left holding bunch of grapes and thyrsos. BMC 15; SNG von Aulock 2485.TextImage
Lanz 131, 96Apollonia Salbace, Caria. AE30. 100-300 AD. Magistrate Kallippos. IEΡAC CVNKΛHTOC, bust of Senate right / AΠOΛΛONIATΩN KAΛΛIΠOΣ STΡ, Zeus seated left. holding Nike with wreath and sceptre. Unpublished.TextImage
RPC III 2280Apollonia Salbace, Caria, AE22, semi-autonomous issue. AD 98-117. 5.99 g. Magistrate Papias Kallippos. AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, Helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis / ΠAΠIAC KAΛΛIΠΠOY, Dionysos in long robe, holding bunch of grapes and grain ear in right hand and thyrsos in left. RPC III 2280; Paris 334; Waddington 2232; Rhousopolis Coll. 3872.TextImage
SNG Fitz 1646Apollonia Salbace, Caria, AE, ca. AD 193-211. 5.38 g. ΔHMOC, bare head of Demos right / AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, Dionysos, wearing short chiton, standing left, holding bunch of grapes and thyrsos. SNG Fitz. (Lewis) 1646 (this coin); SNG von Aulock 8069; BMC 15; SNG Cop. 141-142; Kurth Demos 844 corr.TextImage
RPC 2865Livia. AE16 of Apollonia Salbace, Caria. AD 14-29. 3.63 g. Magistrate Kallipppos Artemidoros. ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust right / KAΛΛIΠΠOΣ AΡTEMIΔΩΡOY AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, Dionysos, wearing short chiton, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. RPC 2865; SNG von Aulock 2488; BMC 20; SNG Cop 146.TextImage
RPC 2284Hadrian AE19 of Apollonia, Caria. AD 117-138. KAICAΡ AΔΡIANOC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EΠI KΛ TEIMOΘEOY ΣTΡ AΠOΛΛΩN from top right, around and in fields, Demeter standing left, holding corn-ears, poppy and sceptre. RPC 2284; Paris 347; SNG Cop 150.TextImage
SNG vA 8071Julia Domna AE23 of Apollonia Salbace, Caria. 193-211 AD. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA, draped bust right / AΠOΛΛONIATΩN, Aphrodite standing facing, holding apple and sceptre. SNG von Aulock 8071.TextImage
SNG vA 2492Geta, AE24 of Apollonia Salbake, Caria. Λ CEΠ ΓETAC K, laureate draped cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / CTΡA NIKOCTΡATOY AΠOΛΛONIATΩN, Tyche standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. SNG von Aulock 2492; Waddington 2248; Weber 6430.TextImage


G&M 155-216
Severus Alexander, AE42 medallion of Apollonia Salbace, Caria, 222-235 AD. AY K M AVΡ CE AΛEXANΔΡOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CTΡA AΓAΘEINOY TOYIH AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN, emperor in military dress, holding Nike on globe and extending right hand, standing facing in spread quadriga. Unpublished. G&M 155, lot 216.TextImage
Brand 130935Gallienus, AE25 of Apollonia Salbace, Caria. 6.86 g. AD 253-268. Magistrate Menandros. AY KAI..Λ ΓAΛΛHN (partially overstruck), laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / AΠOΛΛΩNIATΩN CTΡA MENANΔΡ, Artemis (?) standing right, holding patera over a small altar, facing Zeus, holding sceptre, and Athena, resting right hand on shield, both standing left. Apparently unpublished. Michael Brand 130935.TextImage

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