Ancient Coinage of Noricum

[Gobl 95]

The Celtic Kingdom of Noricum, in the area of present-day Austria and Slovenia.

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BMC S146Celtic Noricum AR Drachm. Beardless male head right, ring countermark on cheek / Horseman left, sideways Π before, ring behind rider. TextImage
Gobl 1-12Celtic Noricum AR Tetradrachm. Nemet type. Beardless, laureate head left, in dotted diadem / Horseman, brandishing spear, charging downward from legend NEME-[T] (NE & ME in monogram) within rectangular frame. BMC S175-S177. TextImage
Gobl 11bCeltic, Noricum, Austria. Late 2nd-1st century BC. AR Tetradrachm. 8.98 g, Tinco. Wuschelkopf type. Diademed head of Apollo right, the diadem forming a solid column of pellets dividing hair and face, ΛΛ below / Horse galloping left, eight-spoked wheel above, TI below. Göbl, Noricum 11/b (O85b/R175); cf. CCCBM I 172; KMW 916; De la Tour 9915; cf. Allen & Nash 57.TextImage
Gobl 13Celtic Noricum AR Tetradrachm. Adnamati type. Beardless, laureate head left / Horseman galloping right, brandishing spear, ADMAN-ATI (AT ligate) in exergue and before horse. TextImage
Gobl 14Celtic Noricum Billon Stater. Frontalgesichts (facing head) type. Small facing head flanked by wings below three horizontal rows of dots representing diadem above which comblike locks of hair / Horse prancing left, row of retrograde S-shapes above. BMC Celtic 156. TextImage
Gobl 20Celtic, East Noricum. Circa 2nd Century BC. AR Tetradrachm (12.46 gm). Warasdin Type B. Diademed head of Apollo left / Horse walking left. CCCBM I 167 var. (style); Kostial 156 (same dies). TextImage
Gobl 95Celtic West Noricum. Kugelreiter Type (dotted rider). 2nd-1st century BC. AR Tetradrachm. Laureate, diademed head left, Celticized / Celticized horseman left, three pellets above helmet crest. TextImage
Gobl A1Eastern Celts, West Noricum AR Tetradrachm. First century BC. Kugelreiter (dotted rider) type. Laureate head of Apollo left, Celticized / Celticized warrior on horseback left, three pellets on helmet crest. TextObvRev
Gobl A1aEastern Celts, West Noricum AR Tetradrachm. First century BC. Kugelreiter type. Celticized, laureate head of Apollo left / Celticized warrior on horseback left, three pellets on helmet crest. Text
TLA 108477Eastern Noricum, Taurisker. AE tetradrachm, 21.1 mm, 8.46 g. Late 2nd century BC. Type "Warasdin / B". Stylized head of Apollo left wearing triple diadem, torque below / Stylized horse prancing left with the distinctive Tauriscan "double boned" legs. AE issue of type Dembski 859-861;, Göbl, Noricum 27. TLA 108477.TextImage
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