Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Ambiani

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15mm potin Celtic Ambiani. AE 15 mm, 2.5 g. Horse looking back, designs around. / Horse galloping right, head of horned animal below with circle just above the head, boar behind with feet pointing toward horses back, serpent before. Monnaies II -; De La Tour -. TextImage
CFG 847Ambiani (Ambiens - Region of Amiens) Biface Gold Stater. 80-50 BC. Stylised head right with transversal laurel wreath / dislocated horse right accosted with annelets and globules. TextImage
DLT 8403Celtic, The Ambiani. Late 1st Century BC. Ă 15mm (2.32 gm). Head left / Horse standing right; human head above, annulets around. Scheers 363; De la Tour 8403. TextImage
DLT 8416Gallic Celts, Ambiani, AE14. 1st century BC, Head to right, hair in straight braids behind / Horse prancing to right, circle below figure above. TextImage
DLT 8584Belgium, Ambiani or Bellovaci Ă 17 mm. Bearded wild-haired head left, wavy ornaments before / Gryllos right, pellet in ring & solar disk before. Scheers, TraitÚ, pl. xvii, 475. BMC Celtic S28. TextImage
DLT 8710Celtic gold stater of the Ambiani. Uniface / Stylised horse right. TextImage
Scheers 24Celtic Gaul, The Ambiani, Uniface Gold Plated Stater. Abstract horse right. Scheers sÚrie 24, classe V: TextImage
Scheers 9Celtic Gaul, The Ambiani, AV Stater. Abstract head / abstract horse. TextImage
Seaby 11Celtic AV Stater. Gallo-Belgic/Ambiani. 6.21 gr. ca 70-50 BC. Blank dome / Stylized horse standing right, crescent above and crescent over dot below. Fr-1; Seaby-11; VA-52-1. TextImage
VA 54-1Celtic gold stater of the Ambiani. Gallic war issue. 17 mm, 5,77g, ca. 55 BC. Uniface / Stylised horse right. Rare variant with 2 "S". Van Arsdell 54-1; De la Tour 8710. VA_54_1TextImage
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