Ancient Coinage of Spain, Turiasu

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Burgos 1911Spain, Turiaso AR Denarius. ca 120-20 BC. Male head; Iberian Ca S Du / Horseman with couched lance. Villaronga 33. TextImage
Villaronga 15vSpain. Turiasu. Circa Late 2nd Century BC. AR Denarius (3.87 gm). Bearded male head right; Iberian letters around neck / Horseman galloping right with lance; Iberian legend TURIASU below. TextImage
Villaronga 18Turiaso, Spain, AR Quinarius. Ibero-Celtic male head right, with Iberian letter ka ("A") behind head and Iberian S ("M") beneath chin / Celtic warrior on horse with a spear, Iberian legend (TURIASU) below. TextImage
RPC 405Augustus, Turiasu, Tarraconensis (Spain), AE28. IMP AVGVSTVS P P, laureate head right / TVRIASO, MVN within an oak wreath. RPC 405; SNG Cop 600; Burgos 1933.TextImage
RPC 408Augustus, AE27 of Turiasu, Spain. Duoviri M. Caecil Severus and C. Val. Aquilus. After 2 BC. IMP AVGVSTVS PP, laureate head right / TVRIASV M CAECIL SEVERO C VAL AQVILO around oak wreath containing II VIR. RPC 408; SNG Cop 602; Burgos (2008) 2438.TextImage
RPC 413Tiberius, AE28 mm, 9.6 gr. As of Turiaso, Spain. TI CAESAR AVG F AVGVSTVS IMP, laureate head right, eagle countermark on neck / MVN TVRIASO MAN SVLP LVCAN M SEMP FRONT around II VIR within wreath. Burgos 2455: RPC 413.TextImage
RPC 417Tiberius, AE26 of Turiaso, Spain. C. Caecilius Ser. and M Valerius Quad., duovirs. TI CAESAR AVG F IMPERAT, laureate head right / MVN TVR C CAEC SER above, bull right, II VIR before, M VAL QVAD in ex.TextImage
RPC 418Tiberius, AE25 of Turiaso, Spain, 9.7g. M. Pont. Marsus and C. Mari. Vegetus Duoviri. TI CAESAR AVG [F IMP PONT M ], laureate head right / [M PONT MARS ]/MVN TVR above, C MARI VEGETO below, II/VIR to right, bull standing right. RPC 418; Burgos 1946.TextImage
RPC 419Tiberius AE As of Turiaso (Tarazona, Hispania). L Caec Aquinus & M Cel Palud, duovirs. TI CAESAR AVG F IMP PONT M, head right / L CAEC AQVIN M CEL PALDV MVN TVR II VIR, bull standing right. Burgos 1948.TextImage
RPC 423Tiberius, AE29 of Turiaso, Spain, 13.9 gr. TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / DIVVS AVGVSTVS MVN TVR, radiate head of Augustus right. RPC 423; Burgos (2008); SNG Cop 609; Paris 485.TextImage
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