Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings, Ptolemy Keraunos

Ptolemy Keraunos, the eldest son of Ptolemy I, losing his position as heir in Egypt and wishing to establish power elsewhere, he went to the court of Lysimachos, the husband of his half-sister, Arsinöe II. When Lysimachos was killed, Keraunos married Arsinöe and ruled for two years, 281-279 BC, until his death fighting against the Gauls.
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Klein 814Ptolemy Keraunos, King of Macedonia, 281-279 BC. AE12, 1.99 gr. Diademed, veiled and draped bust of Arsinöe II right / BAΣY ΠTOΛ, eagle standing left. Arslan & Ozen 29-55; Klein 814.TextImage