Ancient Coinage of Illyria, Issa

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BMC 1Issa, Illyria, AE23 civic issue, ca 344-300 BC. 7.56 g. Helmeted head of Athena right. / IΣ, goat standing right. BMC 1; Stari Grad coll. 1; Brunšmid Dalmatiens 11-12; Imhoof Klagenfurt 45.TextImage
BMC 8Issa, Illyria, AE21 civic issue, ca 344-300 BC. IΣ above kantharos. / Bunch of grapes and two leaves on a stalk. BMC 8 (this coin); Brunšmid Dalmatiens 30; Mionnet II, 174; Imhoof Klagenfurt 53.TextImage
BMC 10Issa, Illyria, AE15 civic issue, ca 344-300 BC. 3.62 g. Bare male head right. / I-Σ, kantharos. BMC 10-11; Brunšmid Dalmatiens 33; Imhoof Klagenfurt 55; Mionnet Supp. III, 10; Schlosser Dalmatien 19.TextImage
Brunsmid 5-6Issa, Illyria, AE25 civic issue, ca 344-300 BC. 15.51 g. IONOΣ, head of the hero Ionios left. / Lion's head right. IΣΣA downwards to right. Imhoof Klagenfurt 69 var (head right); Brunšmid Dalmatiens 5 (obv)/6 (rev).TextImage