Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Mattathias Antigonus

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Hendin 481Mattathias Antigonus (Mattatayah) AE 25 mm. Double cornucopiae with Hebrew (Mattatayah the High Priest and Council of the Jews), around and between horns / Ivy wreath tied at top with ribbons hanging down; inscription (of King Antigonus). Meshorer 36f. TextImage
Hendin 482Mattathias Antigonus (Mattatayah). 40-37 BC. AE 20 mm 4 Prutah, 7.76g. Single cornucopia tied with ribbons, vine leaf and grapes hanging down, paleo-Hebrew around (Mattatayah the High Priest). / BACI ANTI (King Antigonus) within wreath and border of dots. Hendin 482. TextImage
Hendin 483Judaea, Mattathias Antigonus, 40-37 BC, AE prutah. Retrograde Hebrew inscription, Mattathias / Crossed cornucopiae with ribbons and ear of barley between horns. TextImage
Hendin 485Judaea, Mattathias Antigonus (40-37 BC). AE15. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓONOY, menorah / Hebrew inscription, Showbread table. TextImage
Hendin 485 (2)Judaea, Hasmonean Kingdom. Mattathias Antigonos. AE Prutah, 1.37 g, 40-37 BC. Trace of 'Mattatayah the High Priest', showbread table / BAΣIΛEOΣ ANTIΓONOY (often abbreviated), seven-branched menorah. Hendin (old) 485; Hendin (new) 1168; Menorah Coin Project ATG 07.TextImage
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