Ancient Coinage of Britain, Atrebates, Tincommius

In his 2010 work "Ancient British Coins" (ABC), Rudd notes that Tincomarus was misidentified as 'Tincommius' until 1998. Because the latter name is used in the most common catalogs (BMC, van Arsdell, Seaby etc), it will be retained for these page names.

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Seaby 73Atrebates, Tincommius. AV quarter stater. 11 mm, 1.18 g. ca. 30-25 BC. Multi-armed spiral with dot in centre. / T above celticized horse right, dot below. Van Arsdell 366-1; Seaby 73.TextImage
Seaby 74Atrebates, Tincomarus, AV quarter stater. 30-25 BC. 1.21 g. TIN COM within two lines, zig-zag below. / Celticized horse left, mane of dots, wheel above, hook (?) below, Seaby 74; Van Arsdell 365-1; BMC 798-810.TextImage
Seaby 75British Celts, Tincommius. AV stater. 17 mm, 5.36 g. ca. 30-10 BC. TINC on sunken tablet. / C F beneath warrior or king on horseback right, wielding spear. Seaby 75; van Arsdell 375; Rudd (Ancient British Coins) 1058; BMC 766.TextImage
Seaby 76Celtic Gold Stater Atrebates and Regni, Tincomarus or Tincommius, Late 1st Century BC - Early 1st Century AD. 5.25 g. COM F on an inset tablet / Horseman right, holding spear. Seaby 76; Van Arsdell 385.TextImage
Seaby 77British Celts, Tincommius or Tincomarus. AV quarter stater. 11 mm, 1.18 g. ca. 25-1 BC. C-A above and beneath TINC on rectangular tablet. / Winged head of Medusa facing, a pair of snakes knotted beneath the chin, a snake descending on each side of the face. Van Arsdell 378-1; Seaby 77; Rudd 1076; BMC 811-826.TextImage
Seaby 80British Celts, Tincommius. AV quarter stater. 12 mm, 1.14 g. ca. 20-10 BC. COM F inscribed on a rectangular tablet. / TI-C, celticized horse left. Van Arsdell 388; Seaby 80; BMC 842-851; Rudd ABC 1088.TextImage
Seaby 82British Celts, Tincommius. AV quarter stater. 12 mm, 1.21 g. ca. 20-10 BC. Third coinage. COM F inscribed on a rectangular tablet. / TIN above celticized horse right, C below (retrograde). Van Arsdell 390-1; Seaby 82; BMC 854-879.TextImage
Seaby 83British Celts, Tincommius. AR quinarius. ca 20 BC - 5 AD. 0.98 g. TINCOM, Roman style laureate head right. / Eagle standing facing, wings spread, head right, holding serpent in beak. Mack 105; Van Arsdell 397; BMC 880-905; Seaby 83.TextImage
Seaby 83British Celts, Tincommius. AR quinarius. c 20 BC - 5 AD. TINCOM, head right / Eagle facing, wings open, head right, holding snake in beak. Nash 194: Von-Arsdell 397-1. TextObv-Rev
Seaby 84British Celts, Tincommius. AR quarter stater. 1.13 g. ca. 30-10 BC. Roman style, laureate head left. / TI-C above and beneath bull leaping left. Seaby 84 (with TI-NC); van Arsdell 396 (ditto).TextImage
Seaby 85British Celts, Tincommius. AR unit. 12 mm, 1.19 g. ca. 25-20 BC. Roman style, laureate head right. / TIN-CO above and beneath bull leaping right. Van Arsdell 381; Seaby 85; BMC 911-925.TextImage
Seaby 88British Celts, Tincommius or Tincomarus. AR quinarius. 25 BC-AD 10. 1.09 g. Six-rayed star with a central dot. / TINC beneath Cupid riding dolphin right. Seaby 88; van Arsdell 371 (Tincommius); Rudd (Ancient British Coins) 1127.TextImage
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