Ancient Coinage of Caria, Bargylia

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BMC 4Caria, Bargylia. ca 1st Century BC. 17mm. Veiled head of Artemis Kindyas right / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, Pegasos flying right. SNG Helsinki 25. TextImage
BMC 11Bargylia, Caria, AE17, 200-0 BC. 4.51 g. Pegasos flying right / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, Stag standing right. BMC 11; SNG Tuebingen 3373.TextImage
Peus 382-184Bargylia (BC 2nd-1st cent) AR Diobol. 1.14g. Pegasos flying right / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, cult statue of Artemis Kindyas facing, hands folded at breast. Unpublished. Peus 382, lot 184.TextImage
Sear 4810Bargylia, Caria, AR Hemidrachm. 2nd - 1st century BC. Veiled bust of Artemis Kindyas right, dotted border / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, stag standing right, star below. TextImage
SNG Cop 178Bargylia, Caria. BC 200-1 AD. AE 14, 1.97g. Forepart of Pegasos right / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, Forepart of stag kneeling right. SNG Copenhagen 178.TextImage
SNG vA 8074Bargylia, Caria, AR Hemidrachm. 200-0 BC. Veiled head of Artemis Kindyas right, hair in a bun / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, stag standing right, rose below. SNG von Aulock 8074; SNG Keckman 22.TextImage
SNGvA 8074 AEBargylia, Caria, c. 100 B.C. AE11; 1.665g. Veiled head of Artemis Kindyas right / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, stag standing right. Unpublished as AE. Forvm Ancient Coins GB82894. TextImage
SNG 8065 cfCaracalla and Geta, AE35 of Bargylia. 198-212 AD. 20.40g. ANTWNINOC C..., confronted laureate and draped busts of Caracalla and Geta [the bust of Geta erased); unclear countermark / BAΡΓYΛIHTΩN, Septimius Severus in military dress on horseback right, spearing Parthian below. cf SNG von Aulock 8065 for reverse type. Apparently unpublished.TextImage

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