Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Bituriges

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BN 4081Gallic Celts, Bituriges Cubi, AE13. 1st century BC, Head right / Horse galloping left, pellet in circle to left and above, together with three below. BN Paris type 4081.TextImage
CCCBM 166cfGaul, The Bituriges Cubi. Circa 100-60 BC. AE 18mm. Male head left; annulet before neck / Horse galloping left; three annulets above, one annulet below. TextImage
DLT 4131Celtic Gaul, Bituriges Cubi & Lemovices AR Quinarius. Laureate head left / Horse leaping left, dagger above, CA—MBOTR—E below. Colbert de Beaulieu, "Notules de numismatique" 421–424 in Ogam VIII (1956); BMC Celtic 511–513.TextImage
DLT 4572Celtic Gaul, Bituriges Cubi & Lemovices, AR Quinarius. Severed head series, pre-conquest. Celticized head left / Celticized horse prancing left, severed head above, three annulets below. BMC Celtic 504 & Blanchet fig. 166. TextImage
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