Ancient Coinage of Arkadia, Pheneos

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Clerk 221Arkadia, Achaian League. Pheneos. Ca 160-146 BC. AR hemidrachm Laureate head of Zeus right / AX monogram; E-Y flanking, kerykeion below; all within wreath. Clerk 221; BCD Peloponnesos 1632 (this coin).TextImage
Jameson 1265Arkadia, Pheneos. Ca 350 BC. AR Stater (11.75 gm). Wreathed female head right (Kallisto or Maia?), wearing looped earring with five pendants / ΦENEΩN, Hermes advancing left, head turned right, holding caduceus, the youth Arkas in his left arm. Schultz 3; Jameson 1265; Boston MFA 1264-1265; Warren 955; Traité pl. CCXXV, 7.TextImage
Triton V, 375Pheneus, Arkadia. AE14, ca 421-362 BC. 2 g. Head of Hermes right, petasos around back of neck / ΣIMOΣ ΦE above and beneath ram standing right. Unpublished with magistrate's name. Triton V, 375.TextImage
Weber 4317Pheneus, Arcadia, AR obol. ca. 370-340 BC. 0.85g. Head of Hermes right with petasos at back of neck. / ΦE to right of ram standing right, caduceus above. Traité II-3, 890; Weber 4317.TextImage
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