Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Motya

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BMC 16
Calciati 1
Motya, Sicily, AE Tetras, 410400 BC BC. Gorgoneion facing, three dots below. / "Mozia" in neo-Punic to left and right of palm tree. BMC 16; Jenkins, Punic Sicily I, 74; Calciati 1; Hoover HGC 940.TextImage
Calciati 3Motya, Sicily, AE11. ca 400-397 BC. 0.93 g. Forepart of horse galloping right. / Palm tree. Calciati 3; Hoover HGC 951.TextImage
Calciati 6Motya, Sicily, AE14. ca 415-397 BC. 3.12 g. Female head facing three-quarters right, hair loose. / Male head right. Calciati 6; Jenkins, Punic pl. 23, 12; Campana 26.TextImage
Calciati 10SICILY, Motya. Circa 409-397 BC. AE Onkia. Bearded male head right with a moustache / Crab; conch below. Jenkins 14, SNG ANS 510, Calciati 10. TextImage
Calciati 9Sicily, Motya, Siculo-Punic issue AE Onkia. Circa 409-397 BC. Young male head right / Crab. SNG ANS 511. TextImage
Jameson 667Sicily, Motyna. c405-397 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Head of Arethusa left wearing triple pendant earring and necklace, hair in sakkos, four dolphins swimming round / Crab. TextImage
Jenkins 74Motya, Sicily, AR Trias or 1/3 litra, 0.24 g. Head of a nymph facing three-quarters left. / Four dots.TextImage
Jenkins pl. 23, 7Motya, Sicily, AR Hemilitron. 8 mm, 0.23 g. 5th century BC. Female head facing three-quarters to left. / Barley corn, four dots around. Jenkins pl. 23, 7; Whittaker, Motya 5.TextImage
SNG ANS 503Sicily, Motya. Punic Occupation. Circa 405-397 BC. AR Litra. Gorgoneion / Palm tree; Punic MTV below. SNG ANS 503. TextImage
SNG ANS 504Motya, Sicily, Punic Occupation. Ca 405-397 BC. AR Litra. 0.62 g. Head of gorgoneion facing / MT-V in punic characters beneath palm tree with fruit. Jenkins, Coins of Punic Sicily I, "Minor issues", 4a; SNG ANS 504.TextImage
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