Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings, Alexander V

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Imhoof GRM 2Alexander V, Macedonia. AE19. 295 BC. Uncertain mint. 3.88 g. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEXANΔΡOY above and beneath youthful rider on horseback pracing right. Bipennis and ΔH monogram in left field, ME monogram beneath horse. Unclear countermark. AMNG 3; Imhoof GRM 2.TextImage
Laffaille 318Alexander V, AE20, Amphipolis mint. 297-295 BC. 6.67 g. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress. / AΛE above, B-A to left and right of caduceus below, horseman on horseback galloping right, raising right hand. Laffaille 318; Imhoof GRM 4 in RSN 14, 1908.TextImage
Mionnet I, 821Alexander IV or V., 295 BC. Uncertain mint, AE19 mm, 4.50 gr. Head of Apollo right, hair tied in a taenia / BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEXANΔ, horseman riding right, bipennis and HΔ monogram in upper left field, ME monogram beneath horse. Mionnet I, 821 (under Alexander IV).TextImage
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