Ancient Coinage of Spain, Malaca

Malaca, modern-day Malaga on the southern coast of Spain. The restored 220-seat amphitheatre is regularly used for concerts.

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BMC Spain 391Malaca, Spain, early 1st century BC. AE22. 6.97 g. Head of Hephaistos (Vulcan) right, wearing cap; tongs and MLK' in neo-Punic behind head / Star within laurel wreath. ACIP 802; SNG BM Spain 391402.TextImage
Burgos 1153Malaca, (Malaga), Spain. AE, 13.07 g. 200-20 BC. Draped, bearded bust of Hephaistos right, wearing domed pileus, Punic MLK' and tongs behind head, all within wreath / Draped, radiate bust of Helios facing. Burgos 1153; CNH 9.TextImage
Burgos 1722
7 rays
Malaga, Burgos, 1/4 Calco (quadrantes). 290-220 BC. 2.55 g. Male head right, wearing Egyptian cap. / Star with seven rays. Burgos (2008) 1722.TextImage
Burgos 1722
8 rays
Malaga, Burgos, 1/4 Calco. 290-220 BC. Male head right, wearing Egyptian cap. / Star with eight rays. Burgos (2008) 1722.TextImage
Burgos 1729Malaca, Spain, AE As 10,60 gr. 24 mm. Punic legend, head of Hephaistos (Vulkan) left, wearing conical cap, (tongs behind) / Radiate head of Helios facing. Burgos (2008), 1729; SNG Cop 41.TextImage
Burgos 1732 varMalaca, AE Semis, 5.01 gr, 19.5mm. MLK in Punic, Head of Vulcan right, tongs behind head, hammer before / Star with seven rays within wreath. Burgos (2008) 1732 Var; cf Villaronga 2.TextImage
Burgos 1744Malaca, Spain, AE Quadrans 17,5 mm. 2,40 gr. Punic legend, head of Hephaistos (Vulkan) right, wearing conical cap, (tongs behind), all within dotted border / Star of eight rays within dotted border. Burgos (2008) 1744; SNG Cop 49.TextImage
SNG Cop 39Spain, Malaca. AE. Late 3rd c. BC. 13.01 gr. Head of Chusor-Ptah (Hephaistos) right, wearing pileus, tongs behind head and the Phoenician letters mlk', all within wreath / Head of Helios facing. SNGCop 39; SNG BM 356-360.TextImage
SNG Cop 44Malaga Malaca, AE Semis, 7.17gm, 21.5 mm. Head of Chusor-Ptah (Vulcano) right, wearing flat cap similar to Pannonian cap, tongs behind / Star with 8 rays within wreath.TextImage
Villaronga 11vSpain, Malaca. 2nd Century BC. AE 22mm. Head of Chusor-Ptah (Hephaistos) right, wearing pointed cap, tongs behind / radiate head of Sol facing. TextImage
Villaronga 27Malaca (Malaga), Spain, AE19 Semis. 5.84 g. Head of Hephaistos (Vulcan) left, wearing cap; tongs behind head, Pnoenician legend to left / Eight-rayed star, dot in centre, all within wreath. Villaronga 27 type. Not in Burgos.TextImage