Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Menainon

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BMC 5Sicily, Menaenum AE Tetras. ca 275-212 BC. Veiled bust of Demeter right, wearing necklace and wreath of corn / MENAINON, two crossed torches, IIII below.TextImage
BMC 11Sicily, Menainon after 210 BC. AE-Pentonkion. Laureate head of Apollo right / MENAINON, Asklepios standing left. BMC 11; Calciati 3. TextImage
Calciati 2Sicily, Menaion. Circa 2nd Century BC. AE 17mm, Pentonkion. Laureate & draped bust of Zeus Serapis right / MENA-INΩN, Nike driving galloping biga right. SNG ANS 292; SNG Cop 379. Sear 1127. Text

Sear SG 1129
Menainon, Sicily. ca 275-212 BC. Veiled bust of Demeter right, wreathed with corn / MENA-INON, two crossed torches; IIII below. BMC 5; SNG ANS 290; Sear Greece 1129.TextImage
Sear SG 1130Sicily, Menainon AE Trias. After 210 BC. Bearded head of Herakles right / MENA-INΩN, club, three dots below. Hoover HGC 763; Calciati 12. TextImage
Sear SG 1131Sicily, Menainon AE trias. After 210 BC. Draped bust of Hermes right, wearing winged petasos / MENAINΩN, caduceus. Two dots at lower left. Hoover HGC 764; Calciati 13. TextImage
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