Ancient Coinage of Pannonia

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Dessewffy 534Pannonia, Celtic Tribes, c.250 BC. Scyphate AR Drachm, imitation of those issued under Philip III of Macedon. Stylized head of Herakles rt., wearing lion's skin / Stylized image of Zeus enthroned left. TextImage
Forrer 285Pannonia, AR tetradrachm, late 3rd century BC, Head of Zeus to right / Stylized horseman galloping right, crescent or dolphin below. TextImage
Osten 355Celtic Pannonia. ca. 3rd-2nd Century BC. Silver Tetradrachma in imitation of the coinage of Philip II of Macedon. Laureate head of Zeus, right / Youth on horse prancing right. TextImage
Pautasso XII, 48Cisalpine Gaul, The Cenomani, AR Obol, ca. 150-100 BC, 0,68 gr, 9 mm. Female head right wearing pearl diadem / Stylized lion standing left, raising front right paw. Pautasso, Pl. XII, n. 48.TextImage
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