British Coins, Chronological Index of Rulers

Kings of Mercia and Kings of Kent (757-880)
(Ecgberht, Cuthbert, Baldred, Offa, Cynethryth, Coenwulf etc)

Kings of Northumbria

Aethelred I and II of Northumbria (789-796 and 802-839)
(See also Aethelred II, King of Wessex below)

Archbishops of York

House of Wessex

Vikings and other kings in East Anglia and York (760-915)
incl. Beonna, St Eadmund, Guthfrith, Cnut, Siefred.

Danish Line

House of Wessex, Restored

Norman Line

Plantagenet, Angevin Line

Plantagenet, Lancastrian Line

Plantagenet, Yorkist Line

House of Tudor

House of Stuart

The Commonwealth

House of Stuart, Restored

House of Orange and Stuart

House of Stuart

House of Brunswick, Hanover Line

No coins are being added for the following rulers:
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Edward VII (1901-1910)

House of Windsor (Name changed from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)

George V (1910-36)
Edward VIII (1936)
George VI (1936-52)
Elizabeth II (1952-present)

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