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Seaby 1757Henry V AV Quarter Noble, undated. + HENRIC x REX x ANGL x\x FRANC, shield with coat of arms / + EXCVITABITVR x IN x GLORIA, ornamental cross, fleurs-de-lis at ends, pellets and lions in angles. Fr 111.TextImage
Seaby 1757 varHenry V, AV Quarter Noble. Undated, AD 1413-1422. HENRIC REX ANGL FRANC with stops of various shapes, quartered shield within tressure of arches; trefoil to left and mullet to right. / EXCVLTABTVR IN GLORIA (sic), Cross with lions in angles; lis in centre. Seaby 1757 var (EXCVLTABTVR); North 1383 var (ditto); Friedberg 111 var (ditto); BMC 317 var (ditto).TextImage
Seaby 1759Henry V AR Groat. London mint; mm: pierced cross with pellet. Emaciated bust. Crowned bust facing; trefoil on breast, quatrefoil after first word / Long cross with pellets in quarters; quatrefoil after first word, double saltires after LONDON. TextImage
Seaby 1762-1728
Henry V (1413-22), AR Groat, 3.73g, mule Henry V class B / Henry IV light coinage type III, London, m.m cross pattée. ‘Scowling’ bust, quatrefoil after HENRIC, legend ends FRANC, no fleurs over crown or on breast, no mullet on breast, single saltire stops / long cross, reverse barred Roman Ns in LONDON, waisted lettering and small M in MEV, double saltire stops. N.1386/1359; Seaby 1762/1728 mule.TextImage
Seaby 1765Henry V. 1413-1422. AR Groat. London mint; mm: pierced cross with pellet. hENRIC DI GRA REX ANGLIE Z FRANC', crowned bust facing; mullet on breast / POSVI (quatrefoil) DEVM ADIVTORE' MEVM, CIVITAS LONDON, long cross with pellets in quarters. North 1387a.TextImage
Seaby 1780Henry V AR Long Cross Penny, London mint. 0.93 gr. 1413-1422 AD, Class F. +HENRIC REX ANGLOR, crowned, facing bust, star at upper left / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross with three pellets in each quarter. Seaby 1780; N. 1398.TextImage
Seaby 1794Henry V, AR halfpenny. AD 1413-1422. 14.5 mm, 0,46 g. London mint. HENRIC REX ANGL, crowned and draped bust facing, broken annulets to left and right. / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross pattee with three pellets in each angle. Seaby 1794; North 1409; Withers 5b; BMC 321.TextImage
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