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Vikings of East Anglia, 825-954 AD.

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BMC 20East Anglia, Aethelstan I AR Penny. AD 825-840. 1.11 gr. +EDELSTAN around double barred A within circle of dots / +REX ANG around barred OO symbol at the centre of a circle of dots. BMC 20; Spink 950; N. 439.TextImage
BMC 107Viking East Anglia St Eadmund Memorial Coinage AR Penny. 1.35 g, 18.13 mm. AD 895-910. post-Cuerdale type. +SCEADN around A / +SCEADN around small cross. S 961; North 483/1; BMC 107-108.TextImage
BMC 110ff varDanish East Anglia AR Memorial Penny, St Eadmund, ca AD 895-910. Moneyer Ingelgar or Ingelgei. +SCEADNA (or similar, last two letters obscure) around a barred A in a toothed circle / +INGELGEI around a cross in a toothed circle. Fountaine table V, 9 var (with MO). BMC 110ff var (moneyer's name). Unpublished moneyer.TextImage
BMC 150Danish East Anglia AR Memorial Penny, St Eadmund, ca AD 895-910. Moneyer Adalbert. 19mm, 1.39 g. +SCEADMVNDE around a barred A with dot to left and right / +AOALBERT NIE around a cross. BMC 150; North 483; S. 960; SCBI 20, 679 (this coin).TextImage
BMC 428Danish East Anglia AR Memorial Penny, St Eadmund, ca AD 895-910. Moneyer Haming. 19mm, 1.37 g. +SC EEADITIVIIMI around a barred A / +IIEMICX REX E around a small cross pattée within circle. BMC 428; North 483; S. 960.TextImage
BMC 600Vikings of East Anglia, St Eadmund Memorial coinage penny, 19.5 mm. Moneyer Widboldus Ne. +HS RCAIIVIIC around barred A within circle / Rev: +VVIDBOLDVS NE (NE ligate) around cross within circle. BMC 600.TextImage
BMC 637Danish East Anglia AR Memorial Penny, St Eadmund, ca AD 895-910. Moneyer Wineger. 19mm, 1.23 g. +SCEADMVNDE around a barred A, trefoil of dots above / +VVINER MONE around a small cross within circle. BMC 637; North 483; S. 960.TextImage
Fountaine pl. IX, 2St Eadmund memorial penny. 1.34 g. Moneyer Cirvino. AD 905-918. +SCEADN around A / CIRYINO around cross pattee. EMC 2007.0257; Fountaine, pl. ix,2; North 483 type; BMC -.TextImage
Seaby 927Vikings of East Anglia AR Penny, King Ceolwulf I, moneyer Werbald. AD 821-823. 1.30 gr. +CEOLVVLF + REX and barred m, diademed head right / DER BALD MONE in three lines. Spink 927; N. 388; BMC 109; EMC 2013.0286 (this coin).TextImage
Seaby 945Vikings, East Anglia, king Beonna, Ca AD 760, reformed sceatta coinage. Moneyer Efe. 0.66 gr. +BEOXXF REX (XXF are Runic letters) around rosette of dots / Saltire cross with dotted square at the centre and + E F E in the angles. BMC 1; Spink 945; N. 430; M 3.TextImage
Seaby 950
Aethelstan I, East Anglia Penny, AD 828-837. Moneyer Torthelm. +EDELSTANI around double barred A within circle / +TORHTHELM around cross with dots in angles, within circle. BMC 16; Spink 950; N. 440; EMC 2013.0343 (this coin).TextImage
Seaby 957Vikings of East Anglia, King Oswald. AD 870. 17.16 mm, 1.09 gr. Moneyer Olbicis? +OSDALD DE (partly retrograde)around barred A within circle / +OLBICIS around cross within circle. Seaby 957; BMC 87 var. (Moneyer's name).TextImage
Seaby 957 (2)Vikings, AR Penny, King Oswald. AD 870, 1.0g. 17.1mm. Lincs. +O(T)( )BVICE around A / +OE(T)B(V)[ ]A(S) around cross pattee. Seaby 957; BMC 87.TextImage
Seaby 963Vikings, St. Martin of Lincoln, AR penny, ca 925 AD. SCI MARTI in 2 lines divided by horizontal sword / LINCOIA CIVIT around cross. Spink 963.TextImage
Seaby 966Vikings, Simon, Alfred The Great Viking Imitation, AR Two Line Penny, 1.25 gr, 19.28 mm. Two Line Type; 898-915 AD. +EL FR ED RE, small cross / SIHVH NEFEL in two lines for the moneyer Simon with pellet at two trfoils of pellets between plus a line and pellet above the VN of the top line. S. 966; N. 475/1. cf MEC 1986.9367 and MEC 1995.0144 (different dies).TextImage
Seaby 979Anglo-Vikings, Siefred (Sigeferth), Danish Northumbria. Ca 895-900. AR penny, 20mm, 1.84 g. York mint. +SIEFREVCS REX, cross and crosslet / +EB IAI CEC IVI, cross patté with trefoil three dots in each quarter. Seaby 979; SCBI 29 (Merseyside), 198; BMC 1023; North 494.TextImage
Seaby 1105Eadmund AR penny, AD 939-946. two line type, Moneyer Ingelgar, 1.24g. +EADMVND REX around cross pattee within linear circle. The legend ends with two horizontal opposing crescents with a dot on each side / INGEL-GAR MO in in two lines divided by three horizontal crosses, triple dot pattern. North 688; Spink 1105.TextImage
Seaby 6122 cfVikings, Sihtric, AR Penny. 1.01 gr; 16.28 mm. Hiberno-Norse phase II penny. 1015-1035 AD. +SIHTRC REX DIFEL, portrait left, bust to edge on coin, inverted crozier behind neck / +NI/NMD/OIH/MIN[?], Blundered mint and moneyer's name, around a long voiled cross with pelleted oval ends, a pellet in each angle; Believed to be a version of the legend for the moneyer: Ndremin at Dublin. cf S 6122; O'S 12, with blundered reverse legend.TextImage
Prou 1224Saxon - Viking Traded Merovingian AV Tremissis. 1.05 gr, 13.66 mm. Mint Wijk-bij-Duurstede, ca mid 7th century AD. Moneyer Maelinus. DREST[AT] FIT (abbreviation of DREST[AT] FECIT) bust right with spiked linear hair (the legend with pellet ends / MAA ELINVS M, cross on a single step. Prou, Les Monnaies Merovingiennes 1224.TextImage
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