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Edward VI was the greatly anticipated, only legitimate son of Henry VIII, born during his marriage to Jane Seymour. Crowned at the age of nine, he was governed by a council led by his uncle Edward Seymour. Protestantism was established with reforms including the abolition of clerical celibacy, the Catholic Mass and the imposition of church services in English. His half-sister Elizabeth was his great supporter, whilst his other half-sister, the fanatical Catholic Mary never ceased to flaunt the laws and chastise him in letters for his policy. He fell ill of a mysterious illness in 1553 (some historians suggest poisoning by closet Catholics amongst his staff) and died, naming his cousin Lady Jane Grey, as his heir and successor, (executed by Mary, who restored Catholicism in such a brutal way that she earned the name "Bloody Mary".)

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North 1928Edward VI AV Half Sovereign. Third period, 1551-1553. Tower mint; mintmark tun. EDWARD VI D' G' AGL' FRANCI' Z HIB' REX, crowned and armored half-length bust right, holding sword and orb / IhS' AVTEM TRANSIENS PER MEDI' ILLOR' IBAT, crowned coat-of-arms; E R at sides. North 1928.TextImage
North 1953Edward VI AR shilling, Tower mint. Dated 1547. 28mm, 5.71 g. Issue/mint mark: rose on obverse and reverse. Rose EDWARD’ VI REX ANGL FRANC HIBER Z C, crowned and mantled bust right. / Rose TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITAE M D XLVII, garnished coat-of-arms; E-R across field. North 1953; Lockett 1882 (this coin); Montagu coll 856 (this coin).TextImage
SE 2438Edward VI AV Half Sovereign. Second period, struck 1549. Tower mint; mintmark arrow. Crowned bust right / Crowned coat-of-arms; E R flanking. Potter, Coinage 3a; Schneider 672; North 1911.TextImage
SE 2450Edward VI AV Sovereign, ND. Third period of 1550-53. (tun mintmark) EDWARDs . VI D G AEL FRA Z HIBERN REX :, half-length figure of king right, crowned and cuirassed, holding sword and globus cruciger / (tun) IhS AVTE TRANCI PER MEDIVM ILLOR IBAT, crowned shield supported by ithyphallic lion and dragon standing on scrollwork marked ER. Fr 186.TextImage
SE 2451Edward VI. 1547-1553. AV Half Sovereign (5.22 g). Third period, 1551-1553. Tower mint; mintmark: tun. EDWARD VI D' G' AGL' FRANCI' Z HIB' REX, crowned and armoured half-length bust right, holding sword and orb. / IhS' AVTEM TRANSIENS PER MEDI' ILLOR' IBAT, crowned coat-of-arms; E R at sides. Seaby 2451; Schneider 695; North 1928.TextImage
SE 2459Edward VI. 1547-1553. Base AR Halfgroat, 19 mm, 1.08 g. First period. Canterbury mint, no issue mark. Struck 1547-1548. EDOARD 6 D G AGI FRA Z HI REX, crowned and mantled bust right. / CANTOR CIVITAS, coat-of-arms with trefoils and lions, over long cross fourchée. Seaby 2459; North 1901; Lockett 1885; BNJ 1971, pl. 2, 73.TextImage
SE 2466Edward VI, AD 1547-1553. AR shilling. Dated 1549. Tower mint (London). 30 mm, 4.85 g. Grapple mintmark. EDWARD VI DG AGL FRA Z HIB REX (legend interspersed with dots and colons), crowned and draped bust right. / (grapple mintmaek) TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITÆ MDXLIX (legend interspersed with dots), garnished shield of arms; E-R across fields. Seaby 2466; North 1917.1.TextImage
SE 2466BEdward VI AR Shilling. Dated 1549. Southwark mint; mm Y. Crowned Third bust right / Garnished coat-of-arms; date MDXLIX. North 1917/2.TextImage
SE 2467Edward VI. 1547-1553. AR Shilling, 30 mm, 4.81 g. Second period. Bristol mint, mint mark TC. Struck 1549. EDWARD VI D G AGI FRA Z HIB REX DG, crowned and mantled bust right. / TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITE MDXLIX, large garnished shield with coat of arms comprising of fleurs de lis and lions. E-R across fields. Seaby 2467; North 1920.TextImage
SE 2475Edward VI, Base penny, York mint, 0.67 gr, 1550-1553 AD, third period. E D G ROSA SINE SPINA, Tudor rose, 'mullet' mintmark / CIVITAS EBORACI, long cross over coat of arms. S. 2475; N. 1946.TextImage
SE 2478Edward VI AR Crown. 1551. EDWARD' VI' D' G' AGN' FRANC' Z hIBER' REX Y mintmark, king on horseback right, holding sword, date 1551 below / POSVI DEVM ADIVTORE MEVM mintmark Y, shield quartered by cross fourchée. Dav 8245.TextImage
SE 2479Edward VI. 1547-1553. AR halfcrown. 14.96 g. 35 mm. Third period. Fine silver issue. (1551-1553). Y. i.m. 1551. EDWARD VI D G AGL FRA Z hIBER REX, King on horse with a plume on its head, walking right. Date 1551 below. / POSVI DEVM A DIVTOR E MEV (Y), Square-topped shield, long cross fourchée. North 1934; Spink 2479.TextImage
SE 2482Edward VI AR Shilling, ND. Fine silver issue, 1551-1553. EDWARD' VI D' G' AGL' FRA' Z hIB' REX tun mintmark, crowned and mantled bust facing, rose to left, XII to right / (tun) POSVI DEV' ADIVTORE MEV' shield by cross fourchée. North 1937.TextImage
SE 2483Edward VI, AR sixpence, London mint. 1550-1553 AD, third period. 2.71 gr. EDWARD VI D G ANGL FRA Z HIB REX, crowned facing bust, rose to left, VI to right, 'y' mintmark / POSVI DEV ADIVTORE MEVM, long cross over coat of arms. S. 2483; N. 1938.TextImage
SE 6494Edward VI 1552 AR Irish Shilling. Debased silver issue. (harp) EDWARD VI DEI GRA ANGL FRA Z HIB REX (some letters ligate), crowned young bust right / (harp) TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITAE M D LII (=1552), arms in garnished shield. Spink 6494; D&F 213.TextImage
SE 6949 (2)Edward VI 1552 Debased Irish Shilling, Southwark mint. (harp) EDWARD VI DEI GRA ANGL FRA Z HIB REX, youthful, crowned bust right / (harp) TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITAE M D LII ( 1552 ), arms within garnished shield. Spink 6494.TextImage
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