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SE 2438Edward VI AV Half Sovereign. Second period, struck 1549. Tower mint; mm: arrow. Crowned bust right / Crowned coat-of-arms; E R flanking. Potter, Coinage 3a; Schneider 672; North 1911.
SE 2450Edward VI AV Sovereign, ND. Third period of 1550-53. (tun mintmark) EDWARDs . VI : D : G : AEL : FRA : Z : HIBERN : REX :, half-length figure of king right, crowned & cuirassed, holding sword & globus cruciger / (tun) IhS : AVTE : TRANCI : PER : MEDIVM : ILLOR : IBAT, crowned shield supported by ithyphallic lion & dragon standing on scrollwork marked ER. Fr 186.
SE 2466BEdward VI AR Shilling. Dated 1549. Southwark mint; mm: Y. Crowned Third bust right / Garnished coat-of-arms; date MDXLIX. North 1917/2.
SE 2475Edward VI, Base penny, York mint, 0.67 gr, 1550-1553 AD, third period. E D G ROSA SINE SPINA, Tudor rose, 'mullet' mintmark / CIVITAS EBORACI, long cross over coat of arms. S. 2475; N. 1946.TextImage
SE 2478Edward VI AR Crown. 1551. EDWARD' : VI' : D' : G' : AGN' : FRANC' : Z : hIBER' : REX : Y mintmark, king on horseback right, holding sword, date below / : POSVI : DEVM : ADIVTORE : MEVM : mintmark Y, shield quartered by cross fourchée. Dav 8245.
SE 2479Edward VI. 1547-1553. AR Halfcrown. Southwark mint, mm: y. Fine silver issue, dated 1551. King riding right on horseback, holding sword on shoulder; horse caparisoned with plume on head; date below / Royal coat of arms over cross fourchée. North 1934.
SE 2482Edward VI AR Shilling, ND. Fine silver issue, 1551-1553. EDWARD' VI : D' : G' : AGL' : FRA' : Z : hIB' : REX : tun mintmark, crowned & mantled bust facing, rose to left, XII to right / (tun) POSVI DEV' : ADIVTORE : MEV' : sheild by cross fourchée. North 1937.
SE 2483Edward VI, AR sixpence, London mint. 1550-1553 AD, third period. 2.71 gr. EDWARD VI D G ANGL FRA Z HIB REX, crowned facing bust, rose to left, VI to right, 'y' mintmark / POSVI DEV ADIVTORE MEVM, long cross over coat of arms. S. 2483; N. 1938.TextImage
Spink 6494Edward VI 1552 AR Irish Shilling. Debased silver issue. (harp) EDWARD VI DEI GRA ANGL FRA Z HIB REX (some letters ligate), crowned young bust right / (harp) : TIMOR : DOMINI : FONS : VITAE M : D : LII (=1552), arms in garnished shield. Spink 6494; D&F 213.TextImage
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