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Seaby 1035
Kings of Wessex, Ecgberht (802-839 AD) AR Penny. Canterbury mint, struck c 828-839. Portrait/DOROB type. + ECGBEA HT REX, schematic diademed draped bust right / + BOSEL MONETA around central circle containing DOROB C monogram. North 573.TextImage
Seaby 1038
Anglo-Saxon Kings of Wessex, Ecgberht. 802-839. AR Penny. Struck circa 828-839. Rochester mint; Beagmund, moneyer. +ECGBEORHT REX, cross potent with pellets in quarters / +BEAGMVND MONETA, cross potent with pellets in quarters. North 580a.TextImage
Seaby 1039Anglo-Saxon, Ecgberht of Wessex, AR penny, Rochester mint, Moneyer Dunun. 0.98 gr. 823-828 AD. [+]ECGBEORHT R[EX], bust right / +DV[ ]N MONETA (with Mercian M), small voided cross with lozenge pellet in centre and two crescents above. Seaby 1039; N. 576.Text/TD>Image
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