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SE 1258
William II Rufus AR Penny. Northampton, struck ca 1083-1086 AD. Profile type. Moneyer, Sacwine. +PILLELM REX around central circle enclosing a crowned, draped & mustached bust right, holding sword in right hand, arm extending to edge of flan / +SEPINE ON HMTIN around central circle enclosing cross pattee with annulet center over cross fleury. North 851. TextImage
SE 1259
William II AR Penny, Cross in Quatrefoil type, London mint, moneyer Bat (Bartholomew). 1.37 gr. +PILLELM REI, crowned and diademed facing bust, holding sword over shoulder, pellet on one shoulder / +BATONLVNDN, cross pattée in quatrefoil, annulet in centre. S. 1259; N. 852; BMC type II, 108.TextImage
SE 1262
William II, AR Cross Fleury and Piles Penny, Thetford mint, moneyer Godric. 1.22 gr. 1098-1100 AD. +PILLEMRIE, crowned bust facing, holding sceptre surmounted by a fleur de lis; star to right / +GODRC ON DT[FO]R, cross fleury with pile in each angle, pellet in centre. BMC type V: S. 1262; N. 856.TextImage
Seaby 1262
William II Rufus, AR Penny, Lincoln or London, struck c. 1095-1100). 1.37 g. Cross Fleury and Piles type. Moneyer Estmaer. PILLEL RE, partially blundered, crowned, draped and mustached bust facing, holding sceptre in right hand, bust extending to edge of flan, star to right. / +ESTMNER ON LIIN, central circle, within cross fleury, and in each angle a pile with dot at apex. North-856; Seaby 1262.TextImage
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