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Eadwig, the eldest son of Edmund I, king of the English 955-957 and ruler of Wessex and Kent 957-959.

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Seaby 1126
Eadwig, AR Penny, Floral C type. EADVIG REX in circular line around small cross / OSP-ALb (moneyer) to left and right of mitre shaped ornament, cross and dotted flower of six petals below. modern Ashmore copy of North 737; Spink 1126, for reference only.TextImage
Seaby 1122Eadwig, AR Penny, 955-959 AD. 1.60g, 22mm. EADVVIG REX in circular border around small cross / LEOF RICMO in two lines, one cross above, three crosses across centre, one cross below. Spink 1122.TextImage
Seaby 1122 varAnglo-Saxon Eadwig AR penny, Winchester? mint, Moneyer Frithemund. 955-959 AD. 1.40 gr. +EADVVIG REX, small cross / FRDEM VNDMO above and beneath three small crosses, floral ornament above and below. Seaby 1122 (var); N. -; EMC 2013.0022 (this coin).TextImage
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