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North 706Eadred, King of Wessex, AR penny, 946-955. Uncertain mint. Moneyer Beorhtstan. AEDRED REX around small cross pattée / BYRNZ TANMO in two lines with three small crosses pattée between them, trefoil of dots above and below. North 706; Seaby 1113. Unrecorded moneyer for Eadred.TextImage
Seaby #1113
Anglo-Saxon Kings of Wessex, Eadred (946-55) AR Two-Line Penny. Moneyer Wynhelm. + EA-DRE-D RE +, small cross pattee in center, blundered quatrefoil in top field, trefoils in legend right, left & at bottom / WYNNE +++ LMMO, trefoils above & below. North 706.
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