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Seaby 3835William IV AR Shilling. Dated 1834. Bare head right / Two-line legend within crowned wreath. ESC 1268.
Seaby 3837William IV 'Royal Mint 1836' AR Groat, 1.86 gr, 16.34 mm. Dated 1836 AD. GULIELMUS IIII D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F: D:, head right / FOUR PENCE, Britannia, helmeted, seated right, holding trident and resting right hand on shield. Date 1836 below. S. 3837; 1918; BSC 380.TextImage
Seaby 3845William IV AE Penny. Dated 1837. Bare head right / Helmeted Britannia seated right on outcropping, holding oval shield & trident; shamrock, rose, & thistle in exergue. Peck 1460.
Seaby 3848William IV Farthing AE, Copper, 4.65 gr. GULIELMUS DEI GRATIA, Plain bust right, date 1835 below / BRITANNIAR:REX FIED:DEF:, Britannia seated right, holding trident and resting hand on shield, incuse line to centre of saltire cross on shield, rose, shamrock and thistle below. S. 3848; Peck 1472.TextImage
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