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Seaby 1053
Aethelbert. King of Wessex. 858-866. AR Penny, 20.5mm, 1.35 g. Inscribed Cross type. Canterbury mint. Moneyer Dearmod. +ADELBEARHT, diademed and draped bust right / +DIARMOD MONETA in around a cross formed by dots. Seaby 1053; North 620; BMC 18-19.TextImage
Seaby 1053
Aethelberht, King of Wessex, (858-866 AD) AR Penny. Canterbury mint, struck 858-864. Moneyer Heabearht. Inscribed cross type. +AEDELBEARHT REX, bare-headed, draped bust right / +HEABEARHT on and between limbs of beaded cross, MONETA in angles. North 620; BMC 31.TextImage
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