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Seaby #2187Henry VII, 1485-1509 AV Angel. HENRIC x DI x GRA x REX : ANGL : Z : FRANC, Archangel Michael slaying dragon / PER x CRVCE x TVA x SATVA x NOS x XPER x REDE, ship over waves, bearing shield, mast in form of cross above with h & rose to sides. Fr 151.
Seaby #2199Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Groat (2.91 gm). Class IIIc, struck 1502-1504. London mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: greyhound / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross. North 1705c.
Seaby #2210Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfgroat (1.51 gm). Class III, struck 1490-1500. Canterbury mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: tun / CIVITAS CANTOR*, long cross. North 1712.
Seaby #2211Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfgroat. Canterbury mint, mm: tun. Archbishop Morton. Joint issue, 1498-1499. Crowned bust facing / Long cross voided with trefoil in each angle. North 1720.
Seaby #2239Henry VII London Mint Long Cross Halfpenny. Silver, 0.28 gr; 12.33 mm. Class I, Open Crown; 1485-1500 AD. HENRIC DEI GRA REX, facing bust with open crown, Lis/Rose mintmark / CIVITAS LONDON in the four quarters of a long cross with three pellets in each quarter. S. 2239; N.1732; Withers 1A.TextImage
Seaby #2245Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Halfpenny (0.42 gm). Class IIIc, struck 1505-1509. London mint. Crowned bust facing; mintmark: pheon / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross. North 1735.
Seaby #2258Henry VII AR Groat. Profile issue, 1505-1509. London mint. (pheon) HENRIC' x VII x DI x GRA x REX x AGL x Z x F', crowned bust right / (pheon) POSVI DEV' : AVDITORE : MEV', long cross over arms. North 1747.
Seaby #2261Henry VII (1485-1509) silver Half Groat. Martlet mm (struck 1504-09, mintmark used at both Canterbury & York mints). (martlet) HENIC x VII x DI x GRA x REX x ANGL x Z x, crowned, draped bust right / (martlet) POSVI DEV * DIVTOR ET MEV, sheild quartered by long cross.
Seaby #2262Henry VII AR Halfgroat. Profile issue, after December 1508. York mint, mm: cross-crosslet. Archbishop Bainbridge. Crowned bust right / Long cross over arms; two keys below. North 1751/1.
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