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Lady Jane Grey, the great-granddaughter of Henry VII and a first cousin once removed of Edward VI was named by the 15-year-old king Edward VI as his successor in June 1553. Mary Tudor - a staunch Catholic - immediately took steps against the Protestant Jane and after nine days imprisoned her in the Tower. When Mary announced her plans to marry Philip of Spain, she also ordered the execution of Jane and her husband and the order was carried out on 12. February 1554.
Danbury Mint
Jane Grey
Jane Grey, modern gold-plated silver (925) medallion. 21.6 mm, 4.38g. JANE 1553, crowned head facing slightly left, wearing necklace. / Coat of arms of the Grey family with lion rampant left. Modern issue by the "Danbury Mint", often offered on ebay as "rare pattern gold sovereigns".TextImage
Emery DNW 2004, 275Lady Jane Grey, fantasy Hammered Shilling or Groat, 1553, by E. Emery. 29mm, 5.55 g. Mintmark lis on obverse, crowned bust right / SI· DEVS· NOBISCVM· QVIS· CONT· NOS·, square-topped shield, date 1553 above, portcullis below. Pagan, BNJ 1971, –; Emery -. Dix Noonan Webb 2004, 275.TextImage
Pagan 87Lady Jane Grey, counterfeit 1553 shilling, by E. Emery, ca. 1840. IOAN D G ANG FR ET HIB REGINA MDLIII, crowned and mantled bust of Lady Jane Grey three-quarters left, wearing necklace / Sun mintmark, IN TERRIS ANG ET HIB ECCLES CAPUT SUPREM, crowned Tudor rose, I-R, each surmounted by a rose, across fields. Pagan 87 in "Emery's Mint", BNJ 40, 1971.TextImage