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Seaby #2156Richard III AR Groat. London mint. (boar's head 1) RICARD DI GRA ANGL' xSx FRANC, crowned facing bust in tressure of arches / (boar's head 2) POSVI DEVM AVDITORE MEVM around CIVITAS LONDON, long cross pattée, trefoils in quadrants. Winstanley 5, North 1679.
Seaby #2169Richard III ‘Durham – Bishop Sherwood’ AR Penny. Silver, 0.67 grams. 1483-1485 AD. Mintmark Lis. Crowned, facing bust with S on breast / long cross with three dots in each quarter and D at centre. S. 2169; N. 1687.TextImage
Seaby #2171Richard III Long Cross AR Halfpenny. Silver, 0.36 gr. 1483-1485 AD. London mint. RICARD DI GRA REX, crowned, facing bust with uncertain mintmark (but most likely halved-sun-and-rose) / CIVITAS LONDON, long cross. S. 2171; N. 1688; Withers 1a.TextImage
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