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Seaby 1089
Aethelstan, AR Two Line Penny, Moneyer Manna. AD 924-939, north-eastern type. 1.28 gr. AEDELSTAN RE around small cross / MAN NAMo in two lines, three small crosses across the centre, trefoil above and below. Seaby 1089; N. 668b; BMC Type 1.TextImage
Seaby 1093
Aethelstan, AR penny. AD 927-939. York mint. Moneyer Regnald. EDELSTAN REX TO BRIT around small cross with C privy mark to left. / +REGNALD MO EFORPIC around small cross. North 672; Seaby 1093; BMC 7-8; EMC 1986.0351.TextImage
Seaby 1094
Aethelstan, Kings of Wessex. Aethelstan. AD 924-939. AR Penny. 20mm, 1.29 g. Bust Crowned type (BMC viii). Moneyer Torhtelm. Canterbury mint. + ÆÐELSTAN REX, crowned and draped bust right. / + TORHTELM MO, small cross pattée. Seaby 1094; Blunt, Aethelstan 325; SCBI 34 (BM), 173; North 673.TextImage
Seaby 1095
Kings of All England, Aethelstan AR Penny. Norwich mint. Crowned Bust type, Moneyer, Eadgar. +AEDELSTAN REX, crowned & draped bust right / + EADGAR IGO NORD~PP around central circle containing small cross pattee. North 675.TextImage
Seaby 1104
Athelstan, Anglo-Saxon kings of Wessex. AD 924-939. AR Penny 22mm, 1.25 g. Helmet type BMC xii. Moneyer: Beso. +AEDELSTAN REX, crowned, helmeted, draped bust right / BESE MONETA, cross crosslet. Seaby 1104; North 686; SCBI 34 (BM); EMC 2013.0358 (this coin). Unpublished moneyer for Athelstan.TextImage
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