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Seaby #1167Harthacnut AR Penny. Bath mint, struck Spring-Autumn 1036. Jewel Cross type. +hARÃ~PA CNVT RE, diademed & cuirassed bust right / + PÃ~FDEL+L ON BAÃ~PA:, central cross of four ovals, joined at center by two circles, with pellet within. North 809.
Seaby #1168Harthacnut AR Penny. Sole Reign. Taunton mint, June 1040-June 1042. Restoration, Arm & Scepter type. +HARÃ~P CNVT RE:, diademed & draped bust left, holding sceptre in left hand / + BOGA ON TANTVNE: around central circle containing short voided cross, over center a quadrilateral with pellet finials & center. North 811.
SE 1169
Harthacnut (Hardicanute), AR penny, AD 1035-1042. 17mm, 1.12 g. Arm and Sceptre type, in the name of Cnut. Thetford mint; moneyer Eadric. Struck 1040-1042. Diademed bust left, holding trefoil-tipped sceptre / +EDRIC ON DEOTVOR, quadrilateral, with dots in centre and angles, over voided short cross. North 799; Seaby 1169; SCBI 15 (Copenhagen), 3816-3817.TextImage
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