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John used the name of hENRICVS on all his coins, except for the pennies, halfpence and farthings issued for Ireland.

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Seaby 1350John (1199-1216) AR Penny. Short cross, class 5a. London mint, 1204-1209. +HENRICVS RE, realistic crowned facing bust with sceptre / +hENRI ON LVND, short voided cross with quatrefoils. North 968/4. TextImage
Seaby 1351
England, King John, 1199-1216, AR Short Cross Penny (17mm), Canterbury Mint, moneyer Arnaud. hENRICVS REX, crowned bust facing. / +ARNAVD .ON.CA, cross with 3 dots in each angle. Seaby 1351.TextImage
Seaby 1351
John. 1199-1216. AR Penny (1.40 g). Class 5b. Exeter mint. Struck circa 1204-1209. Johan, moneyer. Crowned head facing, sceptre at side. / IOhAN ON ECCE, voided short-cross with quatrefoils of four dots in angles. North 970; Spink 1351.TextImage
Seaby 1351
John, AR Penny, Winchester, struck c. 1180-1189. 1.46 g. Short Cross type; portrait class Moneyer, Lukas. +hENRICVS REX, crowned, draped and bearded bust facing, holding sceptre in right hand, bust extending to edge of flan. / +LVKAS o ON o WINC, short voided cross, quatrefoil of four dots in each quarter. North-970; S-1351.TextImage
Seaby 1351
John AR Penny. Class 5b, circa 1204-1209. Willelm, moneyer. +hENRICVS REX, crowned facing head with sceptre held at side / WILLELMI ON LVND, Voided short-cross with quatrefoils in angles. North 970. TextImage
Seaby 1352
King John, AR Short Cross Penny, London mint, moneyer Abel. 1204-1209 AD, class Vc. 1.43 gr. HENRICVS REX, bearded bust facing, holding sceptre / +ABEL.ON.LVNDE, short voided cross with quatrefoils. Seaby 1352; N. 971.TextImage
Seaby 1352
John, Silver Short Cross Penny, Class 5c, Moneyer: Ilger, London mint. AD 1199-1216. 19.3 mm, 1.24 g. hENRICVS REX (E=Epsilon with crescent), crowned bust of king facing, holding sceptre. / + ILGER ON LVNDE, short cross in circle with quatrefoil in each angle. Seaby 1352.TextImage
Seaby 1352
England, King John, 1199-1216, AR Short Cross Penny, 1.43 g. London Mint, Class 5c. Moneyer Rauf. hENRICVS REX, bust facing, holding sceptre. / RAVF ON LVNDE, cross with 4 dots forming a cross in each angle. Seaby 1352.TextImage
Seaby 1352
John, London mint, moneyer Walter, AR Short Cross Penny, Class 5c. 1204-1209 AD. 1.41 gr. HENRICVS REX, facing bust with sceptre / +WALTER.ON LV, short voided cross and quatrefoils. S. 1352; N. 971.TextImage
Spink 1353John, silver shortcross penny. 1199-1216. Class 5c. Moneyer Randvlf. London mint. HENRICVS REX, crowned bust facing, crowned, with beard, two curls on each side of head, sceptre in right hand / RAVF.ON.LUND, short cross voided, cross botonnée in each angle. Spink 1353.TextImage
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