Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings

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Argead dynasty

588-568 BC Aeropos I
568-540 BC Alketas
540-498 BC Amyntas I
498-454 BC Alexander I
454-413 BC Perdikkas II
413-399 BC Archelaus
399-396 BC Orestis
396-393 BC Aeropos II
393 BC Pausanias
393 BC Amyntas II the Lioras
392-370 BC Amyntas III
370-368 BC Alexander II
368-365 BC Ptolemeos Alorites
365-359 BC Perdikkas III
359-336 BC Philip II
336-323 BC Alexander III
323-321 BC Philip III Arrhidaios
321-319 BC Antipatros, Regent of Alexander IV
Alexander IV, son of Alexander III and Roxani, murdered in 310 BC
319-297 BC Kassander, Son of Antipatros
319-310 BC Antigonos I Monophthalmos
294-288 BCDemetrios I Poliorcetes, Son of Antigonos
288-277 BC

Interregnum, following Demetrios' overthrow

Anonymous coins of the Interregnum (incl. AE Shield/helmet types)
Philip IV
Alexander V
288-285 BC Pyrrhos, king of Epeiros & Macedonia
285-281 BC Lysimachos, king of Thrace & Macedonia
281-279 BC Ptolemeos Keravnos
279 BC Meleager
279 BC Antipatros Etesias
279-277 BC Sosthenis

Antigonid dynasty

277-239 BC Antigonos II Gonatas
239-229 BC Demetrios II
229-222 BCAntigonos III Doson
221-179 BC Philip V
~185-145 BC Anonymous without king's name (inc. shield/helmet types)
179-168 BCPerseus, defeated by the Romans in 168 BC
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