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BMC 2Chalkis, Syria, Ptolemy I, 85-40 BC, AE20. Laureate head of Zeus (or tetrarch) right, oval countermarked with female bust right, with a hair style resembling that of Cleopatra VII / PTOLEMAIOY TET APXHE P, eagle flying right. Text
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BMC 5Ptolemy, AE19 of Chalkis sub Libano, Coele-Syria. 85-40 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / PTOLEMAIOU TETRARCOU KAI ARCI IER, The Dioskuri, each holding spear standing facing each other, all within laurel-wreath.TextFull Size
BMC 6Lysanias, son of Ptolemy, Tetrarch of Chalkis, 40-36 BC. AE 20.5mm, 4.8 gr. Diademed head of Lysanias right, o on PP monogram before / LUSANIOU TETRARCOU KAIARC, Athena standing left, holding Nike, spear and shield, FL monogram in right field. BMC Galatia 6; RPC 4770.TextFull Size
Lindgren 1232Chalkis ad Libanon, Syria. AE21, 1st century BC. 4.53 g. Helmeted and draped bust of Athena right; c/m: male head right within circular incuse / The Dioskuri standing facing each other, each holding spear; NE monogram to left; ΛX monogram and Ρ above, ΡΓ monogram to right, ΩE monogram below. Lindgren III 1232; Righetti Coll. Sale, Part 8, 593.TextFull Size
Lindgren 1237Lysanias (son of Ptolemy), King of Chalkis, Syria. AE 19, 40-36 BC. Chalkis ad Libanon mint. Diademed head of Ptolemy (?) right, countermark on neck / Nike standing left, holding wreath and palm. A on W monogram above date BOC in left field, O on X in right field. Hoover SC 1443 var (monogram left); Herman 10 var (ditto); cf. Lindgren III 1237.Text
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Lindgren 2134A.1 Syria, Chalkidice. Chalkis. Ptolemaios. Year 53? (66/65BC). AE 21mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / PTOLEMAIOU TETPACOU, dove flying right; NG (year?) to left, AP below. TextFull Size
Lindgren 2134A Syria, Chalkidice. Chalkis. Ptolemaios. Year 53? (66/65 BC). AE 21mm. Laureate head of Zeus right; c/m helmeted head right / PTOLEMAIOU TETPACOU, dove flying right; NG (year?) to left, AP below. TextFull Size
Moore 5.3.46Chalkis sub Libano, Syria, 85-40 BC. AE15 mm, 3.58 gr. Draped bust of Artemis right, quiver and bow over shoulder / Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm; Latin L-(B) across fields, WPL and XR monograms in left field, all within wreath. Lindgren III, 1227 var. (monograms); Moore 5.3.46; Hoover Seleuc. Coinage 1443 var (monograms).TextFull Size
RPC 4216ffSyria, Chalkis AE19. Diademed head of Zeus right [countermarked with female bust right, of Cleopatra VII?] / PTOLEMAIOY TET... Zeus seated left holding sceptre & unclear object. TextFull Size
SNGCop 413Syria, Coele-Syria. Chalkis. Ptolemaios, tetrarch. Year 240 (73/72 BC). AE 19mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / The Dioskouroi standing facing one another, each holding a spear; L MS right. BMC -. TextFull Size
Sear #5896Chalkis, Syria, AE19. Ptolemy as Tetrach, c. 85-40 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle flying right, PTOLEMAIOU TET ARC below. Text
Sear #5897Chalkis, Syria, AE19. Ptolemy as Tetrach, c. 85-40 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right / Two warriors standing face to face, each holding spear. TextObverseReverse
Sear #5898Syria, Coele-Syria, Chalkis, Lysanias, tetrarch. 40-36 BC. AE 19mm. Diademed head of Lysanias right; monogram before / LUSANIOU TETPAPXOU KAI ARCIRE-WS, Athena standing left, holding Nike in right hand, shield resting on ground in left; monogram behind. BMC 6, SNG Cop 415, RPC 4770. TextFull Size
Sear #5899Octavian & Zenodorus AE20 of Chalkis, Syria. Dated Year 87. NE KAI, bare head of Octavian right, L ZP behind / ZENODWROU TETRARCOU KAI ARCIEREWS, bare head of Zenodorus left. SNG Cop 417, BMC 7, RPC 4775. TextFull Size
RPC 4771Mark Antony & Cleopatra AE23mm of Chalkis, Syria. ETOUC KA TOU KAI E QEAC NEWTEPAC, bare head of Antony right / BACILICCHC KLEOPATRAC, diademed & draped bust of Cleopatra right. SNG Cop 383, Svoronos 1887. TextFull Size
RPC 4472Chalkis ad Libanon, Syria. Cleopatra VII of Egypt. 36-30 BC. AE20, 4.49 g. Dated RY 21 (Egyptian) and 6 (Phoenician) of Cleopatra (32/-31 BC). BACILICCHC KLEOPATRAC, diademed and draped bust right / ETOYC KA TOY KAI G QEAC NEWTERAC, Nike advancing right, holding palm, within laurel wreath. RPC I 4772; DCA 477; HGC 9, 1452.TextFull Size
RPC 4771Cleopatra VII & Marc Antony AE20 of Chalkis, Phoenicia. 32/31 BC. Diademed bust of Cleopatra right / Head of Marc Antony right. Svoronos 1887, BMC [Berytus] 15. TextImage
RPC 4772Cleopatra VII, AE18, (4.26g) Chalkis, Phoenicia, Diademed bust of Cleopatra right. / Nike advancing right. Svoronos 1888. TextFull Size
RPC 4773Syria, Coele-Syria. Chalkis. Cleopatra. 32-31 BC. AE 16mm (4.94 gm). Diademed bust of Cleopatra right / Athena advancing left with spear and shield. TextFull Size
RPC 4775Quinctilius Varus, countermarked AE21 of Octavian & Zenodorus from Chalkis. Head of Zenodorus left / Head right, with two countermarks: VAR monogram and rose. SG 5899, SNG Cop. 417, BMC 7, Lindgren III 1249. TextImageImage
RPC 4774Chalkis sub Libano, Syria. Octavian & Zenodoros. Year 282 (32/31 BC). AE 21mm (6.83 gm). Bare head of Octavian right / Bare head of Zenodorus left. TextImage
BMC 3Trajan, AE26. Chalkis, Syria. 98 AD. AYT NEΡ TΡAIANOC AΡICT CEB ΓEΡM ΔAK, laureate, draped bust right / &Πhi;Λ CAΛKIΔEΩN, year A below in three lines within wreath. BMC 3. TextFull Size
Butcher 4aTrajan, AE26 of Chalkis, Syria. AD 98-117. 15.23g. Dated year 4. AYT NEΡ TΡAIANOC AΡICT CEB ΓEΡM ΔAK, laureate, draped bust right / &Πhi;Λ CAΛKIΔEΩN, year Δ below, in three lines within wreath. Butcher 4a; Paris 1753; RPC III 3461.TextFull Size
Mionnet 9Trajan AE25 of Chalkis, Chalcidice, Syria. AYTOK P KAIC NER TRAIANOC ARICT CEB GERM DAK PA-RQ, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right / FL CAGKIDEWN(...), radiate figure of city-goddess standing left; holding spear, shield and palm branch, all within laurel-wreath. Mionnet V, 9.TextFull Size
BMC 7Hadrian AE25mm of Chalkis, Chalcidene, Syria. Dated year 25 = AD 117 AD. AYTOKR KAIC TRAIA ADRI.., laureate and draped bust right / FL CALKIDEWN K E (date), three lines in laurel wreath. BMC 7; SNG Cop 66. TextImage
SNG ANS 523Hadrian AE22 of Chalkis, Chalcidene, Syria. AVT KAIC ADPIANOC..., laureate bust right / FL XAL KIDEON D in 3 lines within laurel wreath. TextImage
Paris 1764Marcus Aurelius, AE22 of Chalkis near Beroea, Syria. 180-192 AD, 8.2g. Laureate head right / FL CAL/KIDEWN within wreath, unclear letter below. Paris 1764-1765; Vienna 21041-21042.TextFull Size
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