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RIC 254b / Sear 1552
RIC 254b / Sear 1552
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Note This page lists issues from before 27 BC (so before Octavian's name was changed to Augustus). Later issues are listed on the Augustus page.
Sear 1573Octavian and Marc Antony AR Denarius. Military Mint probably in Gaul, late 40 - early 39 BC. CAESAR IMP, bare head of Octavian right / ANTONIVS IMP, winged caduceus. Crawford 529/2c; Sear #1573; VanMeter 8.TextImage
Syd 1318
Sear 1534
Octavian AR Denarius. Minted 43 BC in Gaul. C CAESAR IMP, bare head of Octavian right / Horseman as peacemaker left, right hand raised, SC in ex. Cr490/1, Syd 1318, BMC 81. TextImage
Syd 1321
Sear 1525
Octavian and Julius Caesar AV Aureus. Minted 43 BC in Gaul. C CAESAR COS PONT AVG, bare head of Octavian right / C CAESAR D[ICT P]ERP PONT MAX, laureate head of Caesar right. Cr490/2, Syd 1321. (One example)
Syd 1322 varOctavian, AR denarius, 42 BC. Mobile mint in Italy. 3.57 g. CAESAR III VIR R P C, head of Octavian right / CAESA[R DI]C PER inscribed on the front of a curule chair with wreath on the seat. Cr. 497/2b var (config. of obv. legend); Syd. 1322 var (ditto); BMC II (Gaul) 76 var (ditto); Julia 89 var (ditto).TextImage
Sear 1542
Octavian and Julius Caesar denarius. M. Vipsanius Agrippa. 38 B.C. DIVOS IVLIVS-DIVI F M AGRIPPA COS DESIG to left and right of wreathed head of Caesar and head of Octavian facing each other. RSC 5, Syd 1330, Cr534/2.(2 examples)
RSC 55
Sear 1536
Octavian. 42 BC. AR Denarius. Mint moving with Octavian. Bare head of Octavian right / CAESAR DIC PER inscribed on curule chair, front and back legs decorated with eagles, upon which rests a wreath. Cr497/2a; Syd 1322.(5 examples)
RSC 90
Sear 1545
Octavian AR Denarius. 36 BC. Mint moving with Octavian. IMP CAESAR DIVI F III VIR ITER RPC, bare head right / COS ITER ET TER DESIG, tetrastyle temple with Julius Caesar standing within, DIVO IVL on the architrave, star in pediment, lit altar to left. Crawford 540/2; Syd 1338; Babelon 139; RSC 90; Sear Imp. 315; Sear 1545. (4 examples)
RSC 91
Sear 1544
Octavian Denarius. 36 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F III VIR ITER R P C, bare head right / COS ITER ET TER DESIG, priestly implements: simpulum, sprinkler, jug and lituus. Cr538/1, Syd 1334. (3 examples)
RSC 94
Sear 1566
Octavian AR Quinarius. Italian mint, 36 BC. IMP CAESAR, galley sailing right / DIVI F, Victory standing left, holding wreath, palm branch and rudder. Syd 1339. (One example)
RSC 111Octavian, AR denarius. Mint moving with Octavian, 37 BC. 3.79 g. IMP CAESAR-DIVI F in two lines within wreath / COS ITER ET TER DESI, tripod with cauldron. Julia 136; BMCRR Gaul 115; RSC 111; Syd. 1333; Sear Imp. 311; Cr. 537/2.TextImage
RSC 128Octavian Denarius. IMP CAESAR DIVI F III VIR R P C around empty field / no legend; ladle, whisk, pitcher and lituus. Cr537/1, Syd 1332. TextImage
RSC 227
Sear 1540
Octavian Denarius. 41 BC. C CAESAR III VIR R P C. bare head of Octavian right / POPVL IVSSV, equestrian statue of Octavian left. Syd 1317, Cr518/2. (One example)
RSC 248
Sear 1537
Octavian Denarius. Gaul, 42 BC. CAESAR III VIR R P C, helmeted draped bust of Mars right, spear over shoulder / SC, Aquila, surmounted by trophy and flanked by two standards. Syd 1320, Cr497/3. (2 examples)
RSC 443
Sear 1538
Octavian. 42 BC. AR Denarius. L. Livineius Regulus, moneyer. C CAESAR III VIR R P C, bare head right / L LIVINEIVS REGVLVS, Victory walking right with wreath and palm. Cr494/25, Syd 1107. (2 examples)
RSC 500Octavian AR Denarius. Cyrene mint, 31 BC. IMP CAESARI above, SCARPVS IMP below, open hand left / AVGVSTVS DIVI F, Victory standing right on globe. Cr546/6, Syd 1282. TextImage
RSC 514
Sear 1541
Octavian AR Denarius. 40 BC. Q Salvius, moneyer. C CAESAR III VIR R P C, bare head of Octavian right / Q SALVIVS IMP COS DESIG, thunderbolt. Cr523/1a, Syd 1326b. (2 examples)
RSC 523Octavian AR denarius, 40 BC. 3.95 g. DIVI IVLI F, lightly bearded head of Octavian right / TI SEMPRO[N] GRACC[VS] [IIII VIR] Q DESIG, standard, legionary eagle, plough and yardstick. RSC 523; Cr. 525/2; Syd; 1127; BMC 4314; Sempronia 13.TextImage
RSC 539Octavian Denarius. 42 BC. C Vibius Varus, moneyer. Bare head right / C VIBIVS VARVS, Venus or Fortuna standing left. Vibia 31, Cr494/33. TextObv*Rev
RSC 545
Sear 1543
Octavian Denarius. 38 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI IVLI F, bare head right / AGRIPA COS DESIG in border of dots. (2 examples)
Cohen 3
Sear 1569
Octavian and Divus Julius Caesar AE Dupondius. Italian mint, 38 BC. DIVI F CAESAR, bare head of Octavian right / DIVOS IVLIVS, wreathed head of Julius Caesar right. Cr535/1, Syd 1335, RPC 620.TextImage
Cohen 95
Sear 1570
Octavian AE Sestertius. Southern Italian mint, 38 BC. DIVI F, bare and slightly bearded head right, star in field / DIVOS IVLIVS, two lines within wreath. Cr535/2, Syd 1336, RPC 621. (5 examples)
RIC 250a
Sear 1547
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 32-31 BC. Diademed head of Venus right / CAESAR DIVI F, Venus standing right, half-draped, leaning against column, holding helmet and transverse sceptre, shield bearing eight-rayed star leaning against column left. RSC 62. (One example)
RIC 251
Sear 1548
Octavian Denarius. 32-29 BC. Diademed head of Venus or Pax right / CAESAR - DIVI F, Octavian, in military dress, rushing left, bearing spear in left hand and raising right. RSC 70. (5 examples)
RIC 252
Sear 1551
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 32-29 BC. Bare head of Octavian right / CAESAR - DIVI F, Pax standing left holding olive branch and cornucopiae. RSC 69. (8 examples)
RIC 253
Sear 1549
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 32-29 BC. Diademed bust of Venus right, cornucopia behind and branch before / CAESAR - DIVI F, Octavian in military dress advancing right with spear over shoulder. RSC 72. (3 examples)
RIC 254b
Sear 1552
Octavian AR Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 32-29 BC. Bare head left / CAESAR - DIVI F, Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm. RSC 64. (6 examples)
RIC 256
Sear 1553
Octavian, AR denarius 31-30 BC., 3.81 g. Uncertain mint. Winged bust of Victory right / CAESAR-DIVI F, Octavian as Neptune standing left, right foot on globe, holding aplustre and sceptre. RIC I 256; Sear 409; BMC 615; RSC 60.(8 examples)
RIC 257
Sear 1550
Octavian Denarius. Brundisium mint (?), 32-29 BC. Bare head right / CAESAR DIVI F, Mercury seated on rock playing lyre. RSC 61, BMC 597. (6 examples)
RIC 264
Sear 1555
Octavian denarius. Octavian in quadriga right, IMP CAESAR in ex. / Victory right on prow, holding wreath. RSC 115. (6 examples)
RIC 265a
Sear 1556
Octavian Denarius. 29-27 BC. Bare head right / IMP - CAESAR, trophy composed of helmet, cuirass, shield, and crossed spears set on prow of galley right. RSC 119. (5 examples)
RIC 266
Sear 1557
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 29-27 BC. Bare head right / IMP CAESAR on architrave of temple with colonnaded base; Victory on globe at apex of pediment, and warriors at the angles. RSC 122. (3 examples)
RIC 267
Sear 1558
Octavian denarius. Bare head right / Octavian in quadriga facing on triumphal arch for Victory at Actium inscribed IMP CAESAR. RSC 123. (12 examples)
RIC 269a
Sear 1561
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 29-27 BC. Bare head right / IMP CAESAR, Octavian as herm facing on winged thunderbolt. RSC 114. (2 examples)
RIC 270
Sear 1562
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 29-27 AD. Laureate terminal bust right, thunderbolt behind / IMP-CAESAR, Octavian seated togate left on curile chair, holding Victory. RSC 116. (2 examples)
RIC 271
Sear 1559
Octavian Denarius. 29-27 BC. Laureate bust right / IMP - CAESAR, statue of Octavian on rostral column. RSC 124. (10 examples)
RIC 272
Sear 1560
Octavian, AR denarius, c28 BC. Laureate head of Apollo of Actium right, with features of Octavian. / IMP CAESAR, Octavian as founder ploughing right. RSC 117. (2 examples)
RIC 274
Sear 1563
Octavian Denarius. 29-27 BC. IMP below helmeted head of Mars right / CAESAR around rim of circular shield on top of sword and spear in saltire. RSC 44. (4 examples)
RIC 275aOctavian Denarius. CAESAR COS VI, head right, lituus behind / AEGYPTO CAPTA, Crocodile right. BMC 650. TextImage
RIC 276
Sear 1568
Octavian AR Quinarius. Uncertain Italian mint, 29-27 BC. CAESAR IMP VII, bare head right / ASIA RECEPTA, Victory standing left on cista mystica between two serpents erect. BMCRE 647, RSC 14. (5 examples)
RIC 476
Sear 1533
Octavian AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm of Ephesus. 28-20 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F COS VI LIBERTATIS• P R VINDEX •, laureate head right / PAX, Pax standing left holding caduceus, serpent arising from cista mystica to right, all within laurel wreath. RPC 2203, RSC 218. (3 examples)
RIC 534
Sear 1554
Octavian Denarius. Cyrenaica, provincial governor L Pinarius Scarpus, ca 31–29 BC. IMP. CAESARI above, SCARPVS. IMP below, open right hand reaching left / DIVI. F on right, AVG. PONT on left, Victory standing right on globe, holding wreath. Cr546/6, Syd 1282, RSC 500. (One example)
RIC 543a
Sear 1546
Octavian Denarius. Spanish mint, ca 31-29 BC. Bare head right / IMP CAESAR DIVI F, Spanish shield. (One example)
RIC 545
Sear 1565
Octavian Denarius. Uncertain Eastern Mint (Ephesus? Paphos?), 28-27 BC. CAESAR DIVI F COS VI, bare head right / AEGYPTO CAPTA, crocodile right. RSC 4. (3 examples)
RPC 515Octavian and Julius Caesar AE Dupondius(?). Lyons (as Copia) mint, 36 BC. IMP CAESAR DIVI F DIVI IVLI, laureate head of Julius Caesar back to back with bare head of Octavian; palm branch between / COPIA in exergue, prow of galley right; globe (or prize crown) and meta above. SNG Cop 689. TextImage
RPC 517
Octavian and Divus Julius Caesar AE32 Dupondius of Vienna, Gaul. CAESAR. below, DIVI IVLI on left, DIVI.F on right, bare heads of Julius and Octavian facing outward / C.I.V above galley right, with elaborate superstructure and mast. SGI 149. TextImage
RPC 518
Octavian AE 30mm of Narbo, Gaul. c 40 BC. Bare head right / Prow of galley right. TextImage
RPC 620
Octavian and Divus Julius Caesar AE Dupondius. Italian mint, ca 38 BC. DIVI F CAESAR, bare head of Octavian right / DIVOS IVLIVS, head of Julius Caesar right. Cr535/1. TextImage
RPC 1551
Mark Antony and Octavian (triumvirs). Leaded bronze dupondius (16.20 gm). Thessalonica, Macedonia, 37 BC. ΘEΣΣAΛONIKEΩN EΛEYΘEΡIAΣ, head of Eleutheria right / M ANT AYT Γ KAI AYT, Nike standing left. RPC 1551. TextImage
RPC 2570
Octavian, Antony and Lepidus AE 18mm of Ephesos. c 43 BC. Bare conjoined heads of Octavian, Antony and Lepidus right / AΡXIEΡEYΣ ΓΡAM ΓΛAYKΩN EΦE AΣKΛHΠIAΔHΣ, Statue of Ephesian Artemis facing. RPC I 2570; BMC 192; SNG Cop 258. TextImage
RPC 2573
Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus, AE of Ephesus, Ionia. 43 BC. 5.39 g. Heads of the triumvirs, Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus, right / AΡCIEΡEVΣ ΓΡAM ΓΛAVYKΩN EΦE MAZAΣ, cult statue of Artemis Ephesia facing. RPC 2573.TextImage
RPC 4774
Octavian AE19 of Chalkis. 32/31 BC. Bare head of Octavian right / Bare head of Zenodoros left. RPC 4774, SG 5899. TextImage
RPC 4775
c/m Howgego 659
Quinctilius Varus Countermarked AE21 of Octavian and Zenodorus from Chalkis. Head of Zenodorus left / Head right, with two countermarks: VAR monogram and rose. SG 5899, SNG Cop. 417, BMC 7, Lindgren III 1249. TextObv*Rev
RPC 4775
SG #5899
Octavian and Zenodorus AE20 of Chalkis, Syria. Dated Year 87. NE KAI, bare head of Octavian right, L ZΠ behind / ZENOΔΩΡOY TETΡAΡCOY KAI AΡCIEΡEΩΣ, bare head of Zenodorus left. SNG Cop 417, BMC 7, RPC 4775.
RPC 4786
Octavian AE 18mm of Damascus. Bare head right / Tyche seated left on rock, holding cornucopiae, right arm extended; river-god swimming below. Lindgren III 1252. TextImage
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