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PeriodDescription or name
510-485 BC First Democracy
485-466 BCThe Deinomenid Tyranny
485-478 BC -- Gelon, Tyrant of Gela from 491 BC, conquered Syracuse in 485
478-466 BCHieron I, Brother of Gelon
466-406 BCSecond Democracy
412-405 BCCarthaginians rule Punic Sicily
406-367 BCDionysius I
367-344 BCDionysius II
357-353 BCDion
344-336 BCTimoleon
336-317 BCThird Democracy
317-289 BCAgathokles
289-287 BCFourth Democracy
287-278 BCHiketas, 287-278 BC.
278-276 BCPyrrhos or Pyrrhus
275-215 BC Hiero or Hieron II
-- Philistis, Wife of Heiron II
-- Gelon, Son of Heiron II, predeceased his father, died in 215 BC
215-214 BCHieronymos, Son of Gelon & Grandson of Hieron II
214-212 BCFifth Democracy, 214-212 BC.
212 BC and laterSyracuse under the Romans Magna Graecia Coins of Syracuse, General History